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PostSubject: Meditation   Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:59 am

Alright, So Like, I am not a black belt or anything in martial arts, I know how to defend myself pretty well... and I have a mind like a .. what was i saying.. just kidding haha.

Anyways, This thread is about Meditation, I thought maybe there was a way I could contribute some of my know how. Basically it's a really good tool to have. There's many ways to use it, and it helps purify the mind, body and spirit. ( not speaking religiously.)

I won't be able to provide everything necessary for you to copy as I do, so basically You may have to search for more online. Or you can develop your own Meditation style from what I have provided.

I spend about 30 minutes. to an hour in deep meditation, it's ALMOST like sleeping. Yet at the same time, you're completely awake and alert. If someone has ever made you angry, or annoyed the crap out of you, and left you to stew, You probably tried to get over it by going to some kind of imaginary happy place in your head. Funny thing is, this is a form of meditation. it helps clear your thoughts. < This right here, in itself is a step into meditation.

Anyways, lets begin shall we?

Step 1: Find a comfortable place to sit, be it on the floor more than likely. give yourself some room. Sit on a folded blanket or some thing of the sort.

Step 2: remove ALL distraction from your immediate vicinity, (eventually you won't have to do this, because the best meditation can be done to mute out distraction. )

Step 3: as cliche as this might sound, cross your legs, and place your hands on top of one another in your lap, your palms should be facing up.

Step 4: Close your eyes.

Step 5: Breath through your nose, and then out through your mouth, control your breathing, yet at the same time, fill your lungs COMPLETELY when you breath. ( You can have incense burning if you'd like.. just don't like it be a distraction )

Step 6: This is where the removal of distractions comes into play. With your eyes closed, focus on the silence of your room. Listen to the sound of your own beating heart in your ears. Remove yourself to a dark world, before giving light to your imaginary world.
Start by re-creating your imaginary world, to something peaceful. Like a large pond, with a single thick stump on it... and the sound of a roaring waterfall behind you... in your mind, place yourself in the spot on the stump... sitting in the same position you are in reality.

Step 7: I want you to listen to the world in your head, and hear the roar of the waterfall, this is your key to meditation. Slowly try to intensify the roar in your ears until it is the only sound. Once you have done this, block it completely out... empty your mind of everything. All thoughts, all emotion, all sense of the world gone. Think of NOTHING... not even the blackness behind your eyes. empty yourself, and come to peace... try to hold this for as long as you can... eventually you will be able to sustain this for multiple hours. but just try for 10-15 minutes a day. it will help you become more dedicated in anything you want to go into. if you can become dedicated to thinking of nothing... you can become dedicated in anything
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