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 Firefighter Training Log

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PostSubject: Firefighter Training Log   Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:31 am

I have training at the Station every Tuesday at 1800. I'll start keeping a more thorough record of it. I started October 2013. I'll catch you up on what's been happening so far.

I first decided to contact the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department because I was feeling glum due to not being in the field anymore; I was workinfg for the Department of Forestry from May 2013 to September 2013. Even though it wasn't too long, my first crew job got me hooked. Line and sinker. It was in my blood at that point and I decided this was definitely what I wanted to do; I had never been so sure of anything before in my life; it felt right. I felt like I truly belonged there, which is why I seemed to go AWOL to the RLSH Community for so long; I forgot aout it completely and lost much of the fantasy and allure I had held about it before in favor of fighting fire. Then last year around Halloween the superhero thing came back to me, but in a much different way. I hadn't worn the suit for almost a year but decided I'd use it for my costume on Halloween; it felt tighter now haha. But like putting it on for the first time I felt that familiar, empowerment; I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. I had been depressed for a while before ever since we all got demobilized and Delta Power Squad got disbanded, but stepping into the suit again and working with all those kids at the Delta Station Halloween Party really perked me up again. I got reminded of how fun it is working with kids and seeing their eyes light up like stars when they see a real life superhero; I was running the game station/area of the Fire Engines; giving all the kids "rides" in them and letting them blow the horn and flash the lights. I felt like Hero Boy again but better; it dawned at me at that moment that I wasn't much of a boy anymore after that year and so when asked my name to pose for a photo, I replied "Hero Man".

Later that night I met with those in charge about signing up for the VFD. They asked me "Fire side or medical side?" I didn't say anything for a second; it was a descision I wasn't expecting to have to make. "Can i do both?" I asked. "Sure!".

I didn't seriously consider becoming Hero Man until I saw him in the papers. Then I started to really consider the possibilities of Hero Man and what I could be for others.

So that was the beginning. I wasn't too sure about what the medical side was, but I assumed it was going to put me in a better position to help others so I went for it. The woman informed me that they had training on Tuesdays at 1800 out on Clearwater.

My first Meeting we primarily talked about radios and were gonna order up for a couple repeaters out by the bridge because it's currently a dead zone. I got outfitted with my gear; coverals, helmet, mask, oots, gloves, and hood. My SCBA was already on the Engine filled up and ready to go. (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

The next meeting I learned how to roll the hoses up onto the engines, using a frame to get it nice and tight and strapped down. The big one on top is called a minute man, and takes four people to do. One on one side of the truck, feeding the hose up to a guy on top of the right side of the engine, feeding it into a metal frame and giving to the next guy on the top of the left hand side (this is where I was at) and the guy on the ground on the left hand side of the truck creates tails; flaps that you can grab and run with to quickly undo the hose. We also learned how to roll a hose butterfly style, I aced this because we did the same thing in Wildland Firefighting.

The next Meeting we did some paper work; mainly just physical health and fitness exams that needed to be submitted every month or something to make sure we don't die too easily. (or whatever lol). XD

The next meeting we went over SCBA handling and care. How to turn on the alarm (which is really, really loud, and super annoying. This goes off if you run out of hair or if the guage doesn't move for a period of time, indicating that you may be knocked unconscious or passed out or something. We learned how to attach the mouth piece to the mask to get air flowing and how to turn off the valves and turn them on in pitch darkness.

The next meeeting, we did the same thing.

The next meeting, we watched movies on Standard Operating Procedures on a fire.

The next meeting we ran Search and Rescue Drills; we all geared up in masks and helmets, and went into a a room connected to another part of the building with all the lights turned off looking for a dummy which we then carried out of the "building".

We did the same thing the next meeting only blindfolded. (nomex hoods put on backwards over our masks) with the extra part of the instructors shutting off our oxygen in the darkness without our knowing so the mask sucked to our faces and we couldn't breathe.

The next meeting we went over the tools and equipment and pumps.

Today we did another full gear search and rescue op only with two dummies. (blindfolded, instructors shutting off our oxygen, and changing our surroundings; using tables as walls and moving them around; like walls would actually be moving around in a real fire; lol, they just do this because it creates stress and they want to see if one of us will start panicing or getting emotional and angry.)

Next meeting next tuesday; I heard talk of going to the Burn Building; where they light bonfires in a ig concrete building to smoke it up really good then run stress drills and search and rescue drills.
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PostSubject: Re: Firefighter Training Log   Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:08 am

I'm going to the DOF Base tommorow to talk to Al Greenwood and Bruce Balderston, gonna mindslay some info about our mutual acquaintance in the morning paper. Oh, and talk to Bruce about his Fire Detective proposal....I'm pretty sure I'd be good at that. That's the main reason I'm going in; looking into my "friend" is just something worth taking the time to do, may not get another logical enough oppertunity to make use of the method I'm more preferable to, timing isn't everything but it's a huge part of it, otherwise like a bad punchline their brains just wouldn't get of those spur of the moment things.
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PostSubject: Re: Firefighter Training Log   Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:15 pm

Balderston is in the Lower 48 at a class, he'll be back Sunday, I'll go back in Monday, but I have a strong feeling I'll be hearing from him before then. Can't wait; I'm pretty stoked about his detective proposal.
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PostSubject: Re: Firefighter Training Log   

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Firefighter Training Log
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