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 Secret Master Training

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The White Power

The White Power

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PostSubject: Secret Master Training   Secret Master Training Icon_minitime1Tue Sep 16, 2014 2:32 pm

The following information is classified Top Secret and should not leave this forum. Thank you for your compliance.

My training regimen is simple: I will first master the art of kicks. Today I have done 25 high kicks, 25 low kicks, and 25 dragon chi kicks. The dragon chi kick is very hard to master. You must kick as hard and as fast as you can in one slow second, using only your chi to move your leg. My brother says I am quickly mastering the kick. He took karate for 5 years and attained a black belt from his sensai, so he is teaching me.

I am also meditating on the perfect kick. I believe with the right amount of force, I could kick a hole through a man's body. I have heard of such a technique on the streets. Once I harness this power, I will be able to control all of the crooks in my area.

There are a lot of "thug looking" people near my neighborhood who go to my community college. You can tell they're probably stealing things. They come from a bad area. I've been following one lately, just to gather evidence and learn their ways. This is another part of my training. I want to learn street smarts. I don't know anyone who has any. I think if I follow this "thug looking" guy around, maybe I could pick up some of his tricks, like lock picking, pickpocketing, or streetwise.

Also, I am learning the ways of silence and stillness, but I think I have mastered them already because I'm a natural.

I am also trying to learn how to fly (or just jump very high for a long time, which is more realistic probably). If you think this is possible, please let me know how. I once met a man who said he knew a man who could fly, so this is why I ask.
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Secret Master Training
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