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PostSubject: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:22 am

1. Adopt a child.
2. Adopt a pet.
3. Assist the elderly.
4. Be a babysitter.
5. Be a big brother/big sister.
6. Be a bodyguard.
7. Be a bounty hunter.
8. Be a boyscout.
9. Be a capitalist.
10. Be a cartoonist.
11. Be a cave diver.
12. Be a coach.
13. Be a combat medic.
14. Be a comedian.
15. Be a conscientious objector.
16. Be a crime preventer.
17. Be a cyber hero.
18. Be a designated driver.
19. Be a detective.
20. Be a digital hero.
21. Be a director.
22. Be a doctor.
23. Be a doomsday prepper.
24. Be a farmer.
25. Be a fortune teller.
26. Be a Freemason.
27. Be a geneticist. 
28. Be a global warming activist.
29. Be a good friend.
30. Be a HAZMAT/WMD technician.
31. Be a HEALer ( )
32. Be a healer.
33. Be a "Hero Supporter".
34. Be a historian.
35. Be a hostage negotiator.
36. Be a hunter.
37. Be a journalist.
38. Be a judge.
39. Be a lawyer.
40. Be a leader.
41. Be a lifeguard.
42. Be a maid.
43. Be a magician.
44. Be a match-maker. 
45. Be a mayor.
46. Be a mechanic.
47. Be a meteorologist. 
48. Be a missionary.
49. Be a monster hunter.
50. Be a motivational speaker.
51. Be a musician.
52. Be an actor.
53. Be an adventure guide.
54. Be an artist.
55. Be an astronaut.
56. Be an author.
57. Be an EMT.
58. Be an engineer.
59. Be an information consultant. 
60. Be an inspirational-quoter.
61. Be a nurse.
62. Be a peaceful warrior.
63. Be a philosopher.
64. Be a photographer.
65. Be a police officer.
66. Be a politician.
67. Be a preacher.
68. Be a private investigator.
69. Be a quantum physicist.
70. Be a reporter/newscaster.
71. Be a rolemodel. 
72. Be a school counselor.
73. Be a scientist.
74. Be a scout master.
75. Be a sensei.
76. Be a shadow warrior. The book Shadow Warrior is good to start with.
77. Be a social worker.
78. Be a sociologist.
79. Be a soldier.
80. Be a spirit guide.
81. Be a spy.
82. Be assertive; speak out against the just-plain-wrong.
83. Be a teacher.
84. Be a tour guide.
85. Be a treasure hunter.
86. Be a tutor.
87. Be a volunteer firefighter.
88. Be a wildland firefighter.
89. Be a woodsman.
90. Bring back the electric car.
91. Build animal shelters.
92. Build bomb shelters.
93. Build buildings.
94. Build consumer demand for "Fair Trade" products.
95. Build homeless shelters.
96. Build hospitals.
97. Build schools.
98. Buy others groceries for them/
99. Chaperone at parties.
100. Clean graffiti.
101. Clean house for charity.
102. Clean, restore, and protect streams.
103. Clothe the naked.
104. Collaborate with cities to reduce greenhouse gasses.
105. Collect box tops.
106. Collect cans.
107. Collect coins for charity.
108. Collect toys for charity.
109. Compete for charity.
110. Convince politicians to support municipal solar power.
111. Create environmental programs in schools.
112. Defend freedom of religion.
113. Defend freedom of speech.
114. Defend industrial hemp.
115. Defend separation of church and state.
116. Donate to children's hospitals.
117. Donate plasma.
118. Donate sperm. 
119. Donate to 1Sky;
120. Donate to Alliance to Save Energy;
121. Donate to American Rivers;
122. Donate to American Solar Energy Society;
123. Donate to As You Sow;
124. Donate to Audubon;
125. Donate to Center for Biological Diversity,
126. Donate to Center for Health, Environment & Justice;
127. Donate to Center for a New American Dream;
128. Donate to Co-Op America;
129. Donate to Defenders of Wildlife;
130. Donate to Earth Island Institute;
131. Donate to Earthjustice;
132. Donate to Earthworks;
133. Donate to Eco-Cycle;
134. Donate to Endangered Species Coalition;
135. Donate to Environmental Concern;
136. Donate to Environmental Law and Policy Center;
137. Donate to Environmental Working Group;
138. Donate to Food & Water Watch;
139. Donate to Foodroutes Conservancy;
140. Donate to Friends of the Earth;
141. Donate to Grassroots Recycling Network;
142. Donate to Green for All;
143. Donate to Greepeace;
144. Donate to Institute for Self-Reliance;
145. Donate to Interfaith Power and Light;
146. Donate to Izaak Walton League;
147. Donate to League of Conservation Voters;
148. Donate to Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture;
149. Donate to National Resource Defense Council;
150. Donate to National Wildlife Federation;
151. Donate to Oceana;
152. Donate to OVEC;
153. Donate to Pesticide Action Network; 
154. Donate to Population Connection;
155. Donate to Prevent Child Abuse America Foundation;
156. Donate to Rainforest Action Network;
157. Donate to Rainforest Alliance; 
158. Donate to Seacology;
159. Donate to Sierra Club;
160. Donate to Transfair USA;
161. Donate to Treepeople;
162. Donate to True Food Network;
163. Donate to Trust for Public Land;
164. Donate to US Green Building Council;
165. Donate to Union of Concerned Scientists;
166. Donate to Veterans;
167. Donate to Vote Solar;
168. Donate to Waterkeeper Alliance;
169. Donate to Wildearth Guardians;
170. Donate to Wilderness Society;
171. Don't be scared to picket and protest.
172. Don't fly without a barf-bag.
173. Don't fly without gum.
174. Dumpster-dive for charity.
175. Eat locally.
176. Embrace your heritage.
177. Encourage healthier alternatives to addicts.
178. Encourage homeschooling.
179. End wars peacefully.
180. Enlist in the National Guard.
181. Expose conspiracies.
182. Expose corruption.
183. Feed the hungry.
184. Fight child abuse.
185. Fight for liberty.
186. Fight mad scientists.
187. Fight terrorism.
188. Fight the borough.
189. Fight the death penalty.
190. Fill in pot-holes.
191. Fill the boot for muscular dystrophy; (talk to your local VFD).
192. Find and solve cold cases.
193. Find local endangered species; learn how to protect them.
194. Finish "Batman Training".
195. Follow up on the citizens you've saved.
196. Follow up on the criminals you've caught.
197. Force power plants to reduce/eliminate mercury emissions.
198. Form a neighborhood watch group.
199. Fuel the powerless.
200. Fund a child;
201. Gamble for charity.
202. Get educated.
203. Get married.
204. Get others excited about clean, renewable energy.
205. Go on a date.
206. Go on a disaster patrol.
207. Go on a fire patrol.
208. Go organic; promote and support sustainable agriculture.
209. Go public; embrace the media.
210. Grow a green marketplace.
211. Hand out the book "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth".
212. Hand out "America" by Dinesh D'Souza.
213. Hand out "Atlas Shrugged" book by Ayn Rand.
214. Hand out bottles of water for EFF.
215. Hand out "Eat Right 4 Your Type" book by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.
216. Hand out free fire extinguishers.
217. Hand out "Help At Any Cost" book by Maia Szalavitz.
218. Hand out "Jericho" series.
219. Hand out restaurant gift cards for the homeless.
220. Hand out the Bill of Rights.
221. Hand out the Constitution.
222. Hand out the Declaration of Independence.
223. Hand out "To Save a Life" movie.
224. Have kids.
225. Help create a green equitable economy.
226. Help create healthy railway systems.
227. Hire the less-fortunate. 
228. Inform drug users with fact sheets. (Credit to Knight-Hood).
229. Inform others of the problems with pesticides and EPA's IPM solution.
230. Inform prostitutes with fact sheets. (Credit to Knight-Hood).
231. Join or organize a free community lunch.
232. Join Red Cross.
233. Join sexaholics anonymous groups. (keep an eye out for predators).
234. Join YPS. (Youth Policy Summits).
235. Keep an eye out.
236. Keep the hydrants clear.
237. Keep the subways safe.
238. Learn about exposure to chemicals; take precautions.
239. Learn the "No-Touch-Knock-Out".
240. Leave notes with stray kids. "I'm not a predator; watch your kid."
241. Legalize drugs.
242. Legalize marijuana.
243. Legalize prostitution.
244. Light the darkness.
245. Make a bee farm.
246. Make a website.
247. Make bag lunches for the homeless. (Credit to Knight-Hood)
248. Make business cards; hand them out.
249. Make comic books.
250. Make new dirt.
251. Offer to babysit.
252. Organize a food and clothing drive.
253. Organize after-school activities for kids.
254. Organize necessity packs for the homeless.
255. Pass it on (good books, movies, etc).
256. Perform at the fair.
257. Perform community service.
258. Perform at hospitals, schools, and prisons.
259. Perform random acts of kindness.
260. Pick up hitchhikers.
261. Pick up litter.
262. Plant trees.
263. Positively influence corporate environmental policies.
264. Post bail for the falsely imprisoned and wrongfully accused.
265. Post crime-map fliers.
266. Post missing person fliers.
267. Post "Smile; you're on camera!" fliers.
268. Post wanted person fliers.
269. Promote and encourage anti-theft devices.
270. Promote and support solar energy.
271. Promote clean water.
272. Promote "environmentally preferable purchasing".
273. Promote gardening techniques that reduce global warming.
274. Promote "Superhero Day" (credit to Knight-Hood).. 
275. Promote sustainable fishing.
276. Protect and strengthen the Endangered Species Act.
277. Protect the wilderness.
278. Protect widows and orphans in the days of TEOTWAWKI.
279. Protect your friends and your family.
280. Put yourself out there; be social.
281. Read to kids at your local library.
282. Recycle and reduce waste.
283. Reduce mining companies environmental footprint.
284. Reduce pollution of our oceans.
285. Reduce reliance on coal; join OVEC to stop mountaintop removal.
286. Reduce the amount of runoff polluting our waterways.
287. Rehabilitate addicts. 
288. Report crimes in progress.
289. Rescue/find missing persons.
290. Rescue pets in distress.
291. Rescue "Prisoners for Profit".
292. Rescue stranded motorists.
293. Salt or sand icy paths.
294. Save, and create bird habitats.
295. Save energy; shut of lights and appliances not in use.
296. Save the coral reefs.
297. Save the living rivers.
298. Save the rainforests.
299. Save the wetlands.
300. Save the whales.
301. Say it with flowers at a cancer ward.
302. Send aid to Africa.
303. Serve jury duty.
304. Set up a Hero Fund.
305. Set up recycling bins for your community.
306. Share with your church that climate change is a moral issue.
307. Share your kinks.
308. Shelter the homeless.
309. Shut down dog-fighting rings.
310. Shut down child cage-fighting rings.
311. Shut down human traffickers.
312. Shut down weapons traffickers.
313. Sign up for Amber Alerts.
314. Spare some change.
315. Speak at schools.
316. Spread awareness of overpopulation.
317. Spread awareness of sexual predators.
318. Stand against genetically engineered plants and food.
319. Stand up against domestic violence.
320. Stand up for same-sex marriage.
321. Start a health and exercise group.
322. Start a revolution.
323. Start a spirituality group.
324. Start or join an AA group.
325. Start or join an NA group.
326. Stop RTC abuse;
327. Support conservation efforts for your parks.
328. Support green building construction.
329. Support sustainable bioplastics.
330. Support sustainable forestry. 
331. Support the 2nd Amendment.
332. Support the National Wildlife Refuge systems.
333. Teach financial self-defense.
334. Teach fire safety.
335. Teach how to survive TEOTWAWKI.
336. Teach kids how to stand up to bullies.
337. Teach people how to perform miracles.
338. Travel the world.
339. Turn Westboro Baptist Church's protests against them.
340. Use and encourage family-security devices.
341. Use cloth shopping bags.
342. Use less gasoline.
343. Use water wisely.
344. Visit a children's ward.
345. Visit an intensive care unit.
346. Volunteer at a needle exchange.
347. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. 
348. Volunteer at a suicide hotline.
349. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
350. Volunteer for your local churches.
351. Vote and encourage voting.
352. Vote for the Earth during elections.
353. Vote Libertarian.
354. Walk a girl home at night. 
355. Walk the vulnerable home at night.
356. Warm the freezing.
357. Write a letter to the editor.
358. Write real letters; people like them. Don't forget postcards.
359. Write a prisoner.
360. Write a soldier.
361. Work at a Service Station.
362. Work for Santa Claus, (yeah he's real; he's 95 miles north of me).
363. Work for the understaffed.
364. Work hard.
365. Work on yourself; your issues, your demons.
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PostSubject: Re: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:33 am

This really needs to be made a Sticky for fledgling RLSH.
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PostSubject: Re: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:07 pm

Hello, 204.
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PostSubject: Re: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:18 pm

I already came forward with that in the "Making My Case" thread. I have no intentions to deceive anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:32 pm

except that you already have.
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PostSubject: Re: 365 WAYS TO BE A HERO WITHOUT USING YOUR FISTS   Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:54 pm

Already deceived people? I wouldn't call lurking in a community I've been a part of for over five years "deception". You make it sound like I did something wrong. Let's keep this thread clean of that; this thread would be more appropriate if you truly wish t discuss it:
I'm sorry if I've offended you or anyone else; never my intention. I have a lot of respect for you and the others here as well.
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