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PostSubject: Fire Science   Fire Science Icon_minitime1Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:18 pm

I'm going to try to get into getting a degree in Fire Science at UAF and then attend the firefighter academy so that I can get a year-round job as a Tech to open more doors to more advanced positions. I've already mastered the main area of firefighting, but I want to master the other parts too; I've worked a little bit in all of them as an FFT2 and a private contractor, but I didn't get a chance to get some serious training in them; Emergency Medical Training & Transport, Hazmat Response, Search and Rescue, Fire Forensics, Structural Firefighting/Urban Interface (done a little of that; I know the basics), and last, Smoke Jumping; the Navy SEALs of firefighters. The rest of the positions are all warehousing and desk jobs which I don't have enough interest in to pursue; I want to be where the action is; running into burning buildings, jumping out of airplanes and tracking down arsonists. Then I can move onto the other areas of real life superheroics, like bounty hunting, private investigating, private military contracting, etc. 

But yeah; a degree in Fire Science will help sell me better to the people who can get me in the action 24/7.
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Fire Science
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