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 Watch Your LCES

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PostSubject: Watch Your LCES   Watch Your LCES Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:06 pm

LCES is an acronym in the firefighting industry which firefighters are made to memorize; always have them in place; your Lookouts, Communications, Escape routes, and Safety zones. 

L: The Lookout(s) are usually placed at high vantage points, so that they can not only see you, but everything around you. If a fire is headed for you through the trees which are blocking your line of vision to the danger, then the Lookout would jump onto the next letter in the acronym:

C: Communications are vital; sometimes a cell phone is all you need, but in some locations, a cell phone is impossible to use for comms, and so we use Bendix King Radios. They're some of the most reliable and long distance radios available. You should also have a Sat Phone if you happen to be way out in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception. In the situation above under the "L" step, the Lookout would use is radio Communications to tell his buddy who's about to be turned into human popcorn to get the hell out of there in the opposite direction of the danger, wherever that may be (north west, south, east etc). Your buddy would then move onto step three of the protocol:

E: An Escape route should have already been planned out before you even went in. This is now the route your buddy is hauling ass on, and it leads to:

S: The Safety zone is a place where you can relax and not worry about anything trying to kill you.

For superheroes, this SOP (standard operating procedure), could be easily adopted and used to prevent a lot of un-necessary complications. Before going on a patrol or a mission, CHECK YOUR LCES. Wink

Stay true. Stay free. Stay safe.

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Watch Your LCES
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