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PostSubject: I Wish....   I Wish.... Icon_minitime1Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:49 pm

I wish that good people didn't have to do bad things for the greater good. I wished I'd never have wrote that note when I was a little kid. I wish that people weren't so terrified of the world these days; I wish that kids were allowed to be have room to make the mistakes that they need to make, without their world's falling down around them....I wish that life could be as simple as the comic books; that good and evil had a stark contrast and difference; that they weren't so blurry. I wish that I had the strength to hold this all inside, never burdening anyone else with the demons of my past. I wish that I didn't feel so much rage, and sadness. I wish that people weren't so apathetic, and oblivious; walking through life never noticing the ever growing corruption....I wished that kids didn't get kidnapped for money, and I wish that there was something a law-abiding-citizen could to to save them. I wish that the law was a legitimate tool for justice; and not a bludgeon that the elite swing above their heads, towering over the commoners. I wish that life wasn't so horrifically unfair, cruel, and brutal. 

I wished my mother wasn't dying. I wished my father didn't have to be so strong, and hardened. I wished my brother-in-law wasn't a psychopathic criminal; and I wish even more that my sister wasn't in love with a psychopathic criminal. I wished they were here with me now; my nieces and parents and siblings; I wished my brother could finally find the one woman who won't rip his heart out and stomp all over it. I wish that I didn't have so much to lose....

I wish that the future looked brighter; not so dismal, and hopeless. I wished that there wasn't so much greed in the world; that children weren't tortured for money. I wished that the future of humanity could afford for me to be patient; that I didn't feel so pressed for time. I wish that there was something I could do to save them..."the right way." I wish I had the resources to even attempt it. I wish that people knew the depth of evil that are out there; instead of remaining in blissful ignorance, with their oh-so self-righteous indignation. I wished people didn't talk without speaking, or hear without truly listening. I wish that we weren't all subject to the whims of destiny, fate; like gravity.

I wish that my body didn't hurt so much, and I wish my skin looked young; not scarred, and charred, and cracking and peeling; I wished I wasn't so tired. I wished that I could have one peaceful night's sleep. I wish that good people didn't have to do bad things. I wish kids weren't kidnapped for money. But most of all.....I just wish the world made sense; and that mine had not fallen apart...


Stay true...Stay free...Stay safe...

...You Know Who...
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I Wish....
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