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 All necessary types of training for everyone in this community

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PostSubject: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:52 pm

Every once in a while, I'll get an email from somebody who is either new to this community or looking to become a part of it. And they ask for advice of what types of training will be good for them. Usually they'll ask for advice about physical training or martial arts. But it's not just about how well you can physically fight crime. Well, obviously I won't deny that that's very important training to have, too. But there are also some other areas I feel are a necessity to study, to make you even more effective at helping your communities. (Not to mention, I'm a naturally paranoid person so I feel weird giving any martial arts advice to strangers. How the hell do I know you're not gonna use it to try to kill me or use it for negative reasons?!)

I'll post some of what I feel is important for everyone to know.

-Law and Criminology. Obviously most of this community exists in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is best to start off learning this for the country you mainly operate in. And also the state/province, and town/city. It is also good to study the criminal mind, their motives, and scientific data in regards to crime ridden municipalities.

-Private Investigating. To be liscenced in this area will expand what rights you have to be able to investigate crimes, missing person cases, etc. And to learn more about it can also help you with tactics. Not to mention you don't want to be charged with stalking, if you have a legitimate reason to be spying on someone, but also knowing what the laws are in your state as far as what a licensed P.I. can or can't do.

-First Aid. Just as the police cannot be everywhere at once, neither can the first aid squad. Sure, if there is a situation you do not know what to do, you can call 9-11 and have the operator give you advice of what to do exactly. But sometimes let's say you're in an area where your cellphone might not work, or perhaps you're out of batteries, or maybe it's raining and we all know how phones can be damaged if you get them wet. So, being able to be trained in first aid expands your abilities to help others and possibly even save lives, if/when/where the need arises.

-Health & Fitness. Gotta stay healthy and physically effective. Knowing what foods to eat and avoid, also depending on the exercises you are doing and whether you're looking to remain thin, solid, fast, agile, and stronger.

There are some other types of training out there which I'll deem as secondary types of training, some of you may even consider this a primary necessity, or perhaps some of these types of training can fall in to some of the other categories I had just listed.

-Psychology (And Deduction?). It can help you understand people better. What certain little movements, facial expressions, words, manner, you can understand what a person's motives are, or why they might say or do something, or possibly how they may react. This one I'd classify as a secondary category under private investigating, because that is something it can help you with.

-Lifeguard Training. This one would be sort of a secondary category under first aid. But let's say someone is drowning, you may need not only the physical training of carrying someone out of the water, but also know how to, and how to perform first aid on a victim.

Feel free to add your own thoughts here. But, I'm hoping this is a thread that everyone in this community will see, both individuals experienced in any or all of these fields (or perhaps anything I've left out?), so that those individuals can offer there advice here. And also for the new people who can get a better reference of what types of studying they should focus on, to ensure their efficiency out there on the streets.

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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:53 am

Pre-Requisites For Mountain/Forest Patrols

If you are travelling in a secluded forest/mountain area, there are some things you should become familiar with. I realize it probably isn't an everyday thing for most but just in case, a heads up is in order.

FIRST RULE- Most importantly; NEVER TRAVEL IN THE WOODS OR MOUNTAINS WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON. A partner can mean the difference between life and death. Seriously.

Plants, Herbs, Berries and Fungi- Not big if your' on a picnic, but if stranded or part of a search team a plus to know. Some plants cause irritations like poison oak or sumac. The same goes for berries or mushrooms. Always know for sure what it is your' planning on ingesting, some things can make you sick or worse. There are countless books on this subject, usually best to carry a pocket version of one.

Basic First-Aid- When you're in the middle of nowhere, things can happen. Having knowledge in at least the basics of bandaging wounds, securing broken limbs or even fabricating a stretcher fall under this category. Knowing how to tend to a snake-bite is high on this list. Mostly common sense, but I will encourage you to get some kind of training/certification in this area.

Tracking/Hunting Skills- Try to learn what animal makes what track, knowing predator from prey is essential. Learn what you can about wildlife, most of all know if there are large predators around. Have a good understanding of what guns and other projectile weapons are capable of. This will help you determine the safety zone to operate within. Learn the difference between a Nike and a TimberLand.... most importantly, your' shoes and someone elses. Be observant, the breaks in branches bear signifigance to the right observer. Always listen, the quieter you move, the better. The best teacher for this is experience, it takes time to learn what is or isn't important..... kinda like the first time someone looks for arrow-heads....... and sees them in every chipped rock.

Utilities/Tools- A decent knife, preferably a field knife, is a great tool. Snakebite, nuff said. A compass or GPS, so you can track your position. Walkie-talkies or a cel-phone to communicate trouble or call in the position af a lost person. A snake-bite kit would be awesome to carry, and knowing how to use it even better. Binoculars and a camera might be good things. Rations, you never know what's gonna happen and you might get hungry.
Matches, lighter, flint/steel.... you get it, to start a fire, maybe cook something if need be. A jacket, best to prepared.

Being a Scout or serving in the military is a good foundation. I wouldn' exactly send a Boy Scout on a rescue mission, but he'd make a good wingman. If you have ever gone hunting, you've at least attempted to track something. Just because you went to the National Park that one time in middle school and dated a nurse whose half Jethro lookin brother shoewd you his mounted head collection doesn't mean you're qualified.


I'd recommend an internal, meditative art. Tai Chi or Qi Gong, to learn better focus of your' energy and in general. Focus more on defending and dissuading, learn to focus your' mind and quiet emotion. Anger, fear, "hate".... these things can cause one to slip.
Self- control is very important.

There are a couple of excercises done by practitioners of LanShou I'd like to put here. The first is Jar Grasping, wherein you fill a jar(like a mayo jar) with water or sand and put the lid on. You then simply grasp the jar with your' finger-tips, doing isometrics, or reps. The second is Staff Grasping, same principle, use a staff. This can be done with someone else, both taking an end and pulling with just the finger tips against each other. These increase hand strength, useful for styles like Eagle or LanShou(arresting hands) in Kung Fu.
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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Tue May 11, 2010 1:51 pm

Be able to do public speaking. Seriously, you'll be talking to people you have just met about your cause, and if they think you're shy, you're more likely to be laughed at. Practice just talking with anyone, or try to find a cheap course.
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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Tue May 11, 2010 1:58 pm

Has anyone mentioned hazmat stuff? While I don't mean the actual clean up part, but having a basic understanding of ranges, fume issues, etc will only be helpful, especially to those of us who live in and around highly industrial areas. Forewarned and all that.
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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Tue May 11, 2010 9:20 pm

KNOW YOUR PATROL AREAS -Become intimately familiar with the neighborhoods you regularly patrol. Know where to hide, know the shortcuts, know the high crime areas, know where the homeless congregate, and know where the police stations and hospitals are. Familiarize yourself with all of the roads, places of business, and back alleys.

I've been thinking about the Private Investigator thing for the last few weeks. Having a license gives you a good excuse in general to be sitting in a car and watching an area, or following someone, if police ask.
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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   Tue May 11, 2010 9:26 pm

I also like to apply the Rules of zombieland

"Double tap"
"Beware of bathrooms"
"Wear seatbelts"
"Cast iron skillet"
"Travel light"
"Get a kickass partner"
"Bounty paper towels"
"Bowling Ball"
"(Don't) be a hero"
"Limber up"
"Avoid strip clubs"
"When in doubt, know your way out"
"The buddy system"
"Check the back seat"
"Enjoy the little things"
"Swiss army knife"
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PostSubject: Re: All necessary types of training for everyone in this community   

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All necessary types of training for everyone in this community
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