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 Neptune's excersises and commentary on internal balance

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PostSubject: Neptune's excersises and commentary on internal balance   Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:26 am

Training is three pronged as is life and experience.

Mind - This is the intellectual aspect and the part that identifies or fabricates the "self" or ego. Intellegence can be described one's faculties of understanding situations, dynamics and problems and finding and articulating solutions. These "problems" can be decribed as social, literary, mathematical, and their "solutions" in conceptulization and expression. For example, one can know something and one can form what one knows into numbers, words, music, or intellectual movement.

Body - This is the physical aspect and the part that identifies with the physical self as a whole and all of it's "components". Our bodies are how we navigate the physical world. Our bodies carry our unconcious and primal urges and our connection with the energies of the earth and of sexuality, animality, 'strength', and instinct. With our unconcious our body also carries the 'repressed' unconcious or the 'denied' unconcious. These repressed experiences/emotions/feelings can circumvent navigation of energy through our bodies. This is called by several names, Sankara, repression, blockage, trauma.

Emotion - This is the aspect of emotional feelings. Often overlooked but just as equal to the other two. Just as one can have mastery over the mind and body, by diving into the depths of our psyche it is possible to experience emotions in similar ways. Emotions are important because often they are the "why" behind our physical and mental actions. We are not always able to let ourselves experience true anger, sadness, joy or any other color of our spectrum of emotions. When these emotions arise it is a great challenge to be truly present. Deepening into the spectrum of emotion a master can even bring these honest emotions forth intentionally.

My personal training;

Meditation - Meditation develops our faculties of concentration and focus. Say for instance one falls, Whether or not they fall on their face or catch their balance depends on their focus in that moment. Our concentration can be developed endlessly bringing more and more intensity moment to moment. This can also be applied to anthing else, playing ping-pong, driving a car, memory, shooting a gun, playing chess, and successfully navigating through life's morphing circumstances.

Meditation can also serve other purposes.

Physical Strength - I do low intensity, high repetition strength training like push-ups and resistance bands. While it takes a long time to gain the physical mass that you can gain with weightlifting or other forms of strength training I find it best to train from the "bottom up" gaining the maximum amount of possible strength with the least amount of mass. This method is signifigantly slower but push-ups can also increase cardio and other factors evenly.

Flexibility - I do yoga and effortlessly attempt to to increase my flexiblity through posture and through stretches. flexibilty and strength overlap and I am making continual efforts to raise my physical conditions evenly. Yoga also is linked with meditation and repression. It is an energetic excersise and can induce trance-like states.

I also do Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Cardio, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Energetics. I could talk alot about these.

I have recently stopped training with wearable weights because of the impact it causes on your joints and the imbalance with strength-mass ratio.

I also find that diet is an important part of training. I am a vegetarian I eat alot of tofu, eggs, green vegetables, carrots, radishes, and rice. I try to limit my intake of processed foods and grains from wheat barley and rye, prefering for example rice or quinoa over french bread or donuts. I have a weakness for ice cream, but otherwise eat super healthy.
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Neptune's excersises and commentary on internal balance
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