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 Glossary of drug related terms

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PostSubject: Glossary of drug related terms   Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:15 pm

Thought this might come in handy for some of you.

A Bean - MDMA
Abe - $5 worth of drugs
Abe's cabe - $5 bill
Abolic - veterinary steroid
Aborts - Absolut vodka and port, mixed together
Acapulco gold - marijuana from S.W.Mexico
Acapulco red - marijuana
Ace - marijuana; PCP
Acid - LSD
Acid head - LSD user
Adam - MDMA
African black - marijuana
African bush - marijuana
African woodbine - marijuana cigarette
Agonies - withdrawal symptoms
Ah-pen-yen - opium
Aimies - amphetamine; amyl nitrite
AIP - heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan
Air blast - inhalant
Airhead - marijuana user
Airplane - marijuana
Alice - LSD or mushrooms
Alice B. Toklas - marijuana brownie
All lit up - under the influence of drugs
All star - user of multiple drugs
All-American drug - cocaine
Alamout black hash - hash, belladona (small amount)
Alien sex fiend - very strong powdered pcp with heroin
Alpha-ET - alpha-ethyltyptamine
Ames - amyl nitrite
Amidone - methadone
Amoeba - PCP
Amp - amphetamine
Amp joint - marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
Amped-out - fatigue after using amphetamines
Amped & queer - to be high on coke or crystal
Amping - accelerated heartbeat
AMT - dimethyltryptamine
Amys - amyl nitrate
Anadrol - oral steroid
Anatrofin - injectable steroid
Anavar - oral steroid
Angel - PCP
Angel dust - PCP
Angel hair - PCP
Angel mist - PCP
Angel Poke - PCP
Angels in a sky - LSD
Angel Tears - liquid LSD
Angie - cocaine
Angola - marijuana
Animal - LSD
Animal trank - PCP
Animal tranquilizer - PCP
Antifreeze - heroin
Anything going on? - do you have drugs to sell?
Apache - fentanyl
Apple jacks - crack
Aries - heroin
Aroma of men - isobutyl nitrite
Artillery - equipment for injecting drugs
Ashes - marijuana
Ate up - someone that's always wasted
Atom bomb - marijuana and heroin
Atshitshi - marijuana
Aunt Hazel - heroin
Aunt Mary - marijuana
Aunt Nora - cocaine
Aunti - opium
Aunti Emma - opium
Aurora borealis - PCP

B - amount of marijuana to fill a matchbox
B-40 - cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor
B.J.'s - crack
Babe - drug used for detoxification
Baby - marijuana
Baby bhang - marijuana
Baby habit - occasional use of drugs
Babysit - guide someone through first drug experience
Baby slits - MDMA
Baby T - crack
Backbreakers - LSD and strychnine
Back door - residue left in a pipe
Backjack - injecting opium
Back to back - smoking crack after injecting heroin or heroin used after smoking crack
Backtrack - allow blood to flow back into a needle during injection
Backup - prepare vein for injection
Backwards - depressant
Bad bundle - inferior quality heroin
Bad - crack
Bad go - bad reaction to a drug
Bad seed - peyote; heroin; marijuana
Bad trip - bad acid trip
Bag - container for drugs
Bagboy - someone who sales dope for someone else
Bag bride - crack-smoking prostitute
Bag man - person who transports money
Bagging - using inhalant
Bale - marijuana
Ball - crack
Baller - one who sales a variety of drugs
Balling - vaginally implanted cocaine
Balloon - heroin supplier
Ballot - heroin
Bam - depressant; amphetamine
Bambalacha - marijuana
Bambs - depressant
Bammer - term givin to weak marijuana
Bang - to inject a drug; inhalant
Bank bandit pills - depressant
Bar - marijuana
Barb - depressant
Barbara Jean - pot
Barbies - depressant
Barbs - cocaine
Barrels - LSD
Bart Simpsons - LSD
Base - cocaine; crack
Baseball - crack
Base crazies - searching on hands and knees for crack
Base head - person who bases
Bash - marijuana
Basuco - cocaine; coca paste residue sprinkled on marijuana or regular cigarette
Bat - marijuana pipe, easily disguised as a cigarette
Bathtub speed - methcathinone
Batt - IV needle
Battery acid - LSD
Batu - smokable methamphetamine
Bazooka - cocaine; crack
Bazulco - cocaine
BC Budd - very high grade marijuana from British Columbia
Beam me up Scottie - crack dipped in PCP
Beamer - crack user
Beaners - drugys
Beans - amphetamine; depressant; mescaline
Beast - LSD
Beat artist - person selling bogus drugs
Beat vials - vials containing sham crack to cheat buyers
Beautiful boulders - crack
Bebe - crack
Bedbugs - fellow addicts
Bee - bong hit
Beemers - crack
Behind the scale - to weigh and sell cocaine
Beiging - chemicals altering cocaine to make it appear a higher purity
Belladonna - belladonna
Belt - effects of drugs
Belushi - cocaine and heroin
Belyando spruce - marijuana
Bender - drug party
Bennie - amphetamine
Benz - amphetamine
Bernice - cocaine
Bernie - cocaine
Bernie's flakes - cocaine
Bernie's gold dust - cocaine
Bhang - marijuana, Indian term
Big bag - heroin
Big bloke - cocaine
Big C - cocaine
Big 8 - 1/8 kilogram of crack
Big D - LSD
Big H - heroin
Big Harry - heroin
Big flake - cocaine
Big man - drug supplier
Big O - opium
Big rush - cocaine
Bill Blass - crack
Billie hoke - cocaine
Bindle - small packet of drug powder; heroin
Bing - enough of a drug for one injection
Bingers - crack addicts
Binger - bong hit
Bingo - to inject a drug
Bings - crack
Binky - marijuana cigarette
Birdie powder - heroin; cocaine
Biscuit - 50 rocks of crack
Bite one's lips - to smoke marijuana
Biz - bag or portion of drugs
Black - opium; marijuana
Black acid - LSD; LSD and PCP
Black and white - amphetamine
Black bart - marijuana
Black beauties - depressant; amphetamine
Black birds - amphetamine
Black bombers - amphetamine
Black Button - dried button of peyote
Black ganga - marijuana resin
Black gold - high potency marijuana
Black gungi - marijuana from India
Black gunion - marijuana
Black hash - opium and hashish
Black maria - highly potent marijuana
Black mo/black moat - highly potent marijuana
Black mollies - amphetamine
Black mote - marijuana mixed with honey
Black pearl - heroin
Black pill - opium pill
Black powder - black hash ground into powder
Black rock - crack
Black Russian - hashish mixed with opium
Black star - LSD
Black stuff - heroin
Black sunshine - LSD
Black tabs - LSD
Black tar - heroin
Black whack - PCP
Blacks - amphetamine
Blanco - heroin
Blanket - marijuana cigarette
Blanks - low quality drugs
Blast - to smoke marijuana; to smoke crack
Blast a joint - to smoke marijuana
Blast a roach - to smoke marijuana
Blast a stick - to smoke marijuana
Blasted - under the influence of drugs
Blind squid - ketamine, belladona, LSD
Blitzed - under the influence of drugs
Blizzard - white cloud in a pipe used to smoke cocaine
Block - marijuana
Block busters - depressant
Blonde - marijuana
Blotter - LSD; cocaine
Blotter acid - LSD
Blotter cube - LSD
Blow - cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Blow a fix - injection misses the vein and is wasted in the skin
blow a shot - injection misses the vein and is wasted in the skin
blow the vein - injection misses the vein and is wasted in the skin
Blow a stick - to smoke marijuana
Blow blue - to inhale cocaine
Blowcaine - crack diluted with cocaine
Blow coke - to inhale cocaine
Blow one's roof - to smoke marijuana
Blow smoke - to inhale cocaine
Blowing smoke - marijuana
Blowout - crackBlow up and street value
Blue - depressant; crack
Blue acid - LSD
Blue angels - depressant
Blue barrels - LSD
Blue birds - depressant
Blue boy - amphetamine
Blue bullets - depressant
Blue caps - mescaline
Blue chairs - LSD
Blue cheers - LSD
Blue de hue - marijuana from Vietnam
Blue devil - depressant
Blue dolls - depressant
Blue fly - NYC LSD
Blue heaven - LSD
Blue heavens - depressant
Blud madman - PCP
Blue microdot - LSD
Blue mist - LSD
Blue moons - LSD
Blue sage - marijuana
Blue sky blond - high potency marijuana from Columbia
Blue Star - LSD/PCP
Blue tips - depressant
Blue vials - LSD
Blunt - marijuana inside a cigar; marijuana and cocaine or a fat joint inside a cigar
Blunted out - smoked many blunts of maraijuana
Bo-bo - marijuana
Boat - PCP
Bob - marijuana cigarette
Bobo - crack
Bobo bush - marijuana
Body packer - person who ingests crack or cocaine to transport it
Body stuffer - person who ingests crack vials to avoid prosecution
Bogart a joint - salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share
Bohd - marijuana; PCP
Bolasterone - injectable steroid
Bolivian marching powder- cocaine
Bolo - crack
Bolt - isobutyl nitrite
Bomb - crack; heroin; large marijuana cigarette; high potency heroin
Bomb squad - crack-selling crew
Bomber - marijuana cigarette
Bombido - injectable amphetamine; heroin; depressant
Bombita - amphetamine; heroin; depressant
Bombs away - heroin
Bone - marijuana; $50 piece of crack
Bonecrusher - crack
Bones - crack
Bong - pipe used to smoke marijuana
Bonita - heroin
Boo - marijuana
Booger - cocaine (in the Florida Keys)
Boogered up - high on cocaine (in the Florida Keys)
Boom - marijuana
Boomers - psilocybin/psilocin
Boost - to inject a drug; to steal
Boost and shoot - steal to support a habit
Booster - to inhale cocaine
Boot - to inject a drug
Boot the gong - to smoke marijuana
Booted - under the influence of drugs
Booty juice - MDMA dissolved in liquid
Boppers - amyl nitrite
Botray - crack
Bottles - crack vials; amphetamine
Boubou - crack
Boulder - crack; $20 worth of crack
Boulya - crack
Bouncing powder - cocaine
Bowl - between 1/32 and 1/16 ounce of marijuana
Boxed - in jail
Boy - heroin
Bozo - heroin
Brain ticklers - amphetamine
Breakdowns - $40 crack rock sold for $20
Breakfast of champions - crack
Break night - staying up all night until day break
Brewery - place where drugs are made
Brick - 1 kilogram of marijuana; crack
Brick gum - heroin
Bridge up or bring up - ready a vein for injection
Britton - peyote
Broccoli - marijuana
Broker - go-between in a drug deal
Brome, Bromage - Dextromethorphane Hydrobromide (active ingredient for Robitussin DM) popular in clinical/powder form in some cities as a street drug.
Brown - heroin; marijuana
Brown bombers - LSD
Brown crystal - heroin
Brown dots - LSD
Brown rhine - heroin
Brown sugar - heroin
Brownies - amphetamine
Browns - amphetamineBubble gum
Buck - shoot someone in the head
Bud - marijuana
Buda - a high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack
Budda - marijuana
Buffer - crack smoker; a woman who exchanges oral sex for crack
Buger sugar - powdered cocaine
Bugged - annoyed; to be covered with sores and abscesses from repeated use of unsterile needles
Bull - narcotics agent or police officer
Bullet - isobutyl nitrite
Bullet bolt - inhalant
Bullia capital - crack
Bullion - crack
Bullyon - marijuana
Bumblebees - amphetamine
Bummer trip - unsettling and threatening experience from PCP intoxication
Bump - crack; fake crack; boost a high; small dose of crystal meth
Bundle - heroin
Bunk - fake cocaine
Burese - cocaine
Burning logs - smoking a joint
Burn one - to smoke marijuana
Burn the main line - to inject a drug
Burned - purchase fake drugs
Burned out - collapse of veins from repeated injections; permanent impairment from drug abuseBurnese
Burnie - marijuana
Burnout - heavy abuser of drugs
Burnt - smoked to much weed
Bush - cocaine; marijuana
Businessman's LSD - dimethyltryptamine
Businessman's trip - dimethyltryptamine
Businessman's special - dimethyltryptamine
Busted - arrested
Busters - depressant
Busy bee - PCP
Butt naked - PCP
Butter - marijuana; crack
Butter flower - marijuana
Buttons - mescaline
Butu - heroin
Buzz - under the influence of drugs
Buzz bomb - nitrous oxide

C - cocaine
C joint - place where cocaine is sold
C & M - cocaine and morphine
C-dust - cocaine
C-game - cocaine
Caballo - heroin
Cabello - cocaine
Caca - heroin
Cacti Joint - a joint of dried and ground up peyote
Cactus - mescaline
Cactus buttons - mescaline
Cactus head - mescaline
Cad/Cadillac - 1 ounce
Cadillac - PCP
Cadillac express - methcathinone
Cakes - round discs of crack
Caine - cocaine; crack
California cornflakes - cocaine
California sunshine - LSD
Cam trip - high potency marijuana
Cambodian red/Cam red - marijuana from Cambodia
Came - cocaine
Can - marijuana; 1 ounce
Canadian black - marijuana
Canamo - marijuana
Canappa - marijuana
Cancelled stick - marijuana cigarette
Candy - cocaine; crack; depressant; amphetamine
Candy C - cocaine
Candy flip - 1 hit xtc per three hit(s) lsd
Cannabinol - PCP
Cannabis indica - marijuana that is very strong and causes haluciations
Cannabis sativa - marijuana that is milder than indica and dosent cause halucinations
Cannabis tea - marijuana
Cannon - huge joint
Canoe - when a joint gets a hole in the side or looks like a canoe.
Cap - crack; LSD
Caps - crack
Cap up - transfer bulk form drugs to capsules
Capital H - heroin
Caps - heroin; psilocybin/psilocin
Carburetor - crack stem attachment
Carga - heroin
Carmabis - marijuana
Carne - heroin
Carnie - cocaine
Carpet patrol - crack smokers searching the floor for crack
Carrie - cocaine
Carrie Nation - cocaine
Cartucho - package of marijuana cigarettes
Cartwheels - amphetamine
Cashed - bowl is finished/empty
Casper the ghost - crack
Cat - methcathinone
Cat valium - ketamine
Catnip - marijuana cigarette
Caviar - crack
Cavite all star - marijuana
Cereal - marijuana (being smoked in a bowl)
Cecil - cocaine
Cess - marijuana
Chalk - methamphetamine; amphetamine
Chalked up - under the influence of cocaine
Chalking - chemically altering the color of cocaine so it looks white
Chamber - pipe used for marijuana
Chandoo/chandu - opium
Channel - vein into which a drug is injected
Channel swimmer - one who injects heroin
Charas - marijuana from India
Charge - marijuana
Charged up - under the influence of drugs
Charley - heroin
Charlie - cocaine
Chase - to smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Chaser - compulsive crack user
Chasing the dragon - crack and heroin
Chasing the tiger - to smoke heroin
Chaze - to christen a new bowl or pipe
Cheap basing - crack
Check - personal supply of drugs
Cheeba - marijuana
Cheeo - marijuana
Chemical - crack
Chestbonz - the one who takes the biggest bong hit
Chewies - crack
Chewies - blunt with powdered cocaine inside
Chiba chiba - high potency marijuana from Columbia
Chicago black - marijuana, term from Chicago
Chicago green - marijuana
Chicken powder - amphetamine
Chicken scratch - searching on hands and knees for crack
Chicle - heroin
Chief - LSD; mescaline
Chieva - heroin
Chillie Willies - snorting vodka or gin out of a bottle cap
Chillun - pipe used to smoke hashish or
China - opium
China cat - high potency heroin
China girl - fentanyl
China town - fentanyl
China White - fentanyl
Chinese dragons - LSD
Chinese eyed - when the eyes become slanted from the influence of marijuana
Chinese molasses - opium
Chinese red - heroin
Chinese tobacco - opium
Chip - heroin
Chipper - occasional Hispanic user
Chipping - using drugs occasionally
Chippie - marijuana
Chippy - cocaine
Chira - marijuana
Chocolate - opium; amphetamine
Chocolate chips - MDMA
Chocolate ecstasy - crack madebrown by adding chocolate milk powder during processing
Chocolate rocket - crack made brown by adding chocolate milk powder during processing
Chocolate Thi - marijuana
Choker - large or powerful hit of crack cocaine
Cholly - cocaine
Chorals - depressant
Christina - amphetamine
Christine - crystal methamphetamine
Christmas rolls - depressant
Christmas tree - marijuana; depressant; amphetamine
Chronic - marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack
Church - LSD paper with cross on it
Chucks - hunger following withdrawal from heroin
Churus - marijuana
Cid - LSD
Cigarette paper - packet of heroin
Cigarrode cristal - PCP
Citrol - high potency marijuana, from Nepal
Clarity - MDMA
Clear up - stop drug use
Clicker - crack and PCP
Cliffhanger - PCP
Climax - crack; isobutyl nitrite; heroin
Climb - marijuana cigarette
Clips - rows of vials heat-sealed together
Clocking paper - profits from selling drugs
Closet baser - user of crack who prefers anonymity
Cloud - crack or huge hit from ice pipe
Cloud nine - crack
Cluck - crack smoker
Co-pilot - amphetamine
Coasting - under the influence of drugs
Coasts to coasts - amphetamine
Coca - cocaine
Cocaine blues - depression after extended cocaine use
Cochornis - marijuana
Cocktail - cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette
Cocoa puff - to smoke cocaine and marijuana
Coconut - cocaine
Coco rocks - dark brown crack made by adding chocolate pudding during production
Coco snow - benzocaine used as cutting agent for crack
Cod - large amount of money
Coffee - LSD
Coke - cocaine; crack
Coke bar - bar where cocaine is openly used
Cola - cocaine
Cold turkey - sudden withdrawal from drugs
Coli - marijuana
Coliflor tostao - marijuana
Colorado - cocaine
Colorado cocktail - marijuana
Columbian - marijuana
Columbo - PCP
Columbus black - marijuana
Comeback - benzocaine and mannitol used to adulterate cocaine for conversion to crack
Come home - end a "trip" from LSD
Conductor - LSD
Connect - purchase drugs; supplier of illegal drugs
Contact lens - LSD
Cook - mix heroin with water; heating heroin to prepare it for injection
Cook down - process in which users liquify heroin in order to inhale it
Cooker - to inject a drug
Cookies - crack
Cool - someone who uses drugs
Coolie - cigarette laced with cocaine
Cooler - cigarette laced with a drug
Cop - obtain drugs
Copping zones - specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Coral - depressant
Coriander seeds - cash
Cork the air - to inhale cocaine
Corn-stalker - marijuana cigarette rolled in the shuck of a corn cob sealed with honey
Corrinne - cocaine
Cosa - marijuana
Cotics - heroin
Cotton - currency
Cotton brothers - cocaine, heroin and morphine
Courage pills - heroin; depressant
Course note - bill larger than $2
Cozmo's - PCP
Crack - cocaine
Crack attack - craving for crack
Crack back - crack and marijuana
Crack cooler - crack soaked in wine cooler
Cracker jacks - crack smokers
Crackers - LSD
Crack gallery - place where crack is bought and sold
Crack Head - someone who does crack cocaine
Crack spot - area where people can purchase crack
Crack Star - someone who does crack cocaine
Crack Weed - marijuana laced with crack
Crank - methamphetamine; amphetamine; methcathinone
Crankster - someone on crank
Cranking up - to inject a drug
Crap/crop - low quality heroin
Crash - sleep off effects of drugs
Crazy coke - PCP
Crazy Eddie - PCP
Crazy weed - marijuana
Credit card - crack stem
Creeperbud - marijuana that creeps up on you
Crib - crack
Crill - a joint laced with cocaine
Crimmie - cigarette laced with crack
Crink - methamphetamine
Crip - meth
Cripple - marijuana cigarette
Cris - methamphetamine
Crisco - crystal methamphetamine
Crisscross - amphetamine
Crissy - crystal meth
Cristina - methamphetamine
Cristy - smokable methamphetamine
Croak - crack and methamphetamine
Cross tops - amphetamine
Crossroads - amphetamine
Crown crap - heroin
Crumbs - tiny pieces of crack
Crumbsnatcher - a junkie who steals tiny pieces of crack
Crunch & Munch - crack
Crusty treats - cocaine
Cruz - opium from Veracruz, Mexico
Crying weed - marijuana
Crypto - methamphetamine
Crystal - methamphetamine; PCP; amphetamine; cocaine
Crystal joint - PCP
Crystal meth - methamphetamine
Crystal pop - cocaine and pcp
Cystal T - PCP
Crystal tea - LSD
Cube - 1 ounce; LSD
Cubes - marijuana tablets
Culican - high potency marijuana from Mexico
Cupcakes - LSD
Cura - heroin
Cushion - vein into which a drug is injected
Cut - adulterate drugs
Cut-deck - heroin mixed with powdered milk
Cycline - PCP
Cyclones - PCP

Dabble - use drugs occasionally
Daddy - marijuana joint
Dagga - marijuana
Dama blanca - cocaine
Dance fever - fentanyl
Dank - marijuana or pot
Dawamesk - marijuana
Dead on arrival - heroin
Dealer - one who sells drugs.
Deca-duabolin - injectable steroid
Deccadence - MDMA
Deck - 1 to 15 grams of heroin, also known as a bag; packet of drugs
Deeda - LSD
Delatestryl - injectable steroid
Demo - crack stem; a sample-size quantity of crack
Demolish - crack
Dental Floss - LSD
Dep-testosterone - injectable steroid
DET - dimethyltryptamine
Detroit pink - PCP
Deuce - $2 worth of drugs; heroin
Devil's dandruff - crack
Devil's dick - crack pipeDevil's dust
Devilsmoke - crack
Dew - marijuana
Dews - $10 worth of drugs
Dexies - amphetamine
Diablo - LSD paper with a devil on it
Diambista - marijuana
Dianabol - veterinary steroid
Diet pills - amphetamine
Diesel - heroin
Digie - refers to scales used to weigh drugs
Diggidy - good herb
Dihydrolone - injectable steroid
Dimba - marijuana from West Africa
Dime - crack; $10 worth of crack
Dime - 1/16 ounce of marijuana
Dime bag - $10 worth of drugs
Dime's worth - amount of heroin to cause death
Dinosaurs - LSD
Ding - marijuana
Dinkie dow - marijuana
Dip - crack
Dipper - PCP
Dipping out - crack runners taking a portion of crack from vials
Dirge - PCP
Dirt - heroin
Dirt grass - inferior quality marijuana
Dirty basing - crack
Disco biscuits - depressant
Disease - drug of choice
Ditch - marijuana
Ditch weed - marijuana inferior quality, Mexican
Divider - sharing a joint with someone
Dizz - marijuana
Djamba - marijuana
D.L. spot - safe place to buy and use drugs
DMT - Dimethyltryptamine
Do a joint - to smoke marijuana
Do a line - to inhale cocaine
Do it Jack - PCP
DOA - PCP; crack
Doctor - MDMA
Dog - good friend
Dog food - heroin
Dogie - heroin
Doja - strong marijuana
Dollar - $100 worth of drugs
Dolls - depressant
Domes - LSD
Domestic - locally grown marijuana
Domex - PCP and MDMA
Dominoes - amphetamine
Don jem - marijuana
Dona Juana - marijuana
Dona Juanita - marijuana
Doobie - marijuana
Doobie/dubbe/duby - marijuana
Doogie/doojee/dugie - heroin
Dooley - heroin
Dope - heroin; marijuana; any other drug
Dope fiend - crack or marijuana addict
Dope smoke - to smoke marijuana
Dopium - opium
Doradilla - marijuana
Dose or Doses - LSD
Dots - LSD or mescaline
Doub - $20 rock of crack
Double bubble - cocaine
Double cross - amphetamine
Double dome - LSD
Double rock - crack diluted with procaine
Double trouble - depressant
Double ups - a $20 rock that can be broken into two $20 rocks
Double yoke - crack
Dove - $35 piece of crack
Dover's powder - opium
Downer - depressant
Downie - depressant
Downtown - heroin
Draf weed - marijuana
Drag weed - marijuana
Draw up - to inject a drug
Dream - cocaine
Dream gum - opium
Dream stick - opium
Dreamer - morphine
Dreams - opium
Dreck - heroin
Drink - PCP
Dropper - to inject a drug
Drowsy high - depressant
Drug Deal - the exchange of money for drugs
Dry high - marijuana
DT - heroin
Dub Sack - $20 worth of drugs(weed)
Duct - cocaine
Due - residue of oils trapped in a pipe after smoking base
Dugout - pipe used for marijuana
Duji - heroin
Dummy dust - PCP
Durabolin - injectable steroid
Durog - marijuana
Duros - marijuana
Dust - heroin; cocaine; PCP; marijuana mixed with various chemicals
Dust joint - PCP
Dust of angels - PCP
Dusted - high on PCP
Dusted parsley - PCP
Dusting - adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana
Dymethzine - injectable steroid
Dynamite - heroin and cocaine
Dyno - heroin
Dyno-pure - heroin

Earth - marijuana cigarette
Easing powder - opium
Eastside player - crack
Easy score - obtaining drugs easily
Eat - to take acid or mushrooms
Eater - someone who eats marijuana
Eating - taking a drug orally
Ebenieghber - hash
Ecstasy - MDMA
Egg - crack
Eight ball - 1/8 ounce of drugs
Eightball - crack and heroin
Eighth - heroin or marijuana
Elaine - ecstasy
El Cid - LSD
El diablito - marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP
El diablo - marijuana, cocaine and heroin
Electric Kool Aid - LSD
El Gato Diablo - crystal methamphetamine
Elle Momo - marijuana laced with PCP
Elephant - PCP
Elephant tranquilizer - PCP
Ellis Day - LSD
Embalming fluid - PCP
Emergency gun - instrument used to inject other than syringe
Emsel - morphine
Endo - marijuana
Energizer - PCP
Enoltestovis - injectable steroid
Ephedrone - methcathinone
Equipose - veterinary steroid
Erth - PCP
Esra - marijuana
Essence - MDMA
Estuffa - heroin
ET - alpha-ethyltyptamine
Euphoria - MDMA, mescaline, and crystal meth
Eve - MDEA
Explorers club - group of LSD users
Eye opener - crack; amphetamine

Fachiva - heroin
Factory - place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured
Fake STP - PCP
Fall - arrested
Fallbrook redhair - marijuana, term from Fallbrook, CA
Famous dimes - crack
Fantasia - dimethyltryptamine
Fat bags - crack
Fat Pappy - fat joint or blunt
Fatty - marijuana cigarette
Feed bag - container for marijuana
Ferry dust - heroin
Fi-do-nie - opium
Fields - LSD
Fiend - someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fifteen cents - $15 worth of drugs
Fifty-one - crack
Finajet/finaject - veterinary steroid
Fine stuff - marijuana
Finger - marijuana cigarette
Fir - marijuana
Fire - to inject a drug; crack and methamphetamine
Fire it up - to smoke marijuana
First line - morphine
Fish scales - crack
Five cent bag - $5 worth of drugs
Five C note - $500 bill
Five dollar bag - $50 worth of drugs
Fives - amphetamine
Fix - to inject a drug
Fizzies - methadone
Flag - appearance of blood in the vein
Flake - cocaine
Flakes - PCP
Flame cooking - smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe over a stove flame
Flamethrowers - cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Flash - LSD
Flashers - LSD that is very halucinagenic
Flat blues - LSD
Flat chunks - crack cut with benzocaine
Flea powder - low purity heroin
Florida snow - cocaine
Flower - marijuana
Flower tops - marijuana
Fly Mexican airlines - to smoke marijuana
Flying - under the influence of drugs
Following that cloud - searching for drugs
Foo foo stuff - heroin; cocaine
Foo-foo dust - cocaine
Foolish powder - heroin; cocaine
Footballs - amphetamine
45 Minute Psychosis - Dimethyltryptamine
Forwards - amphetamine
Fraho/frajo - marijuana
Freebase - smoking cocaine; crack
Freeze - cocaine; renege on a drug deal
French blue - amphetamine
French fries - crack
Fresh - PCP
Friend - fentanyl
Fries - crack
Frios - marijuana laced with PCP
Frisco special - cocaine, heroin and LSD
Frisco speedball - cocaine, heroin and LSD
Friskie powder - cocaine
Fry - crack or marijuana laced with embalming fluid
Fry daddy - crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack
Fu - marijuana
F**ked up - high on drugs
Fuel - marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP
Fuete - hypodermic needle
Fuma D'Angola - marijuana Portugese term
Future - Crystal

G - $1000 or 1 gram of drugs; term for an unfamiliar male
Gak - line of meth or coke
Gar - marijuana rolled in cigar paper
G.B. - depressant
GHB - gamma hydroxy butyrate
G-rock - one gram of rock cocaine
G-shot - small dose of drugs used to hold off withdrawal symptoms until full dose can be taken
Gaffel - fake cocaine
Gaffus - hypodermic needle
Gage/gauge - marijuana
Gagers - methcathinone
Gaggers - methcathinone
Galloping horse - heroin
Gamot - heroin
Gange - marijuana
Gangster - marijuana
Gangster pills - depressant
Ganja - marijuana from Jamaica
Gank - fake crack
Garbage - inferior quality drugs
Garbage heads - users who buy crack from street dealers instead of cooking it themselves
Garbage rock - crack
Garr - large joint of marijuana
Gash - marijuana
Gasper - marijuana cigarette
Gasper stick - marijuana cigarette
Gato - heroin
Gauge butt - marijuana
Gee - opium
Geek - crack and marijuana
Geeker - crack user
Geeze - to inhale cocaine
Geezer - to inject a drug
Geezin a bit of dee gee - injecting a drug
George smack - heroin
Get a gage up - to smoke marijuana
Get a gift - obtain drugs
Get down - to inject a drug
Get high - to smoke marijuana
Get lifted - under the influence of drugs
Get off - to inject a drug; get "high"
Get the wind - to smoke marijuana
Get through - obtain drugs
Ghana - marijuana
Ghost - LSD
Ghost busting - smoking cocaine; searching for white particles in the belief that they are crack
Gick monster - crack smoker
Gift-of-the-sun - cocaine
Giggle smoke - marijuana
Gimmick - drug injection equipment
Gimmie - crack and marijuana
Gin - cocaine
Girl - cocaine; crack; heroin
Girlfriend - cocaine
Give wings - inject someone or teach someone to inject heroin
Glacines - heroin
Glad stuff - cocaine
Glading - using inhalant
Glass - hypodermic needle; amphetamine
Glass gun - hypodermic needle
Glo - crack
Gluey - person who sniffs glue
Go-fast - methcathinone
Go into a sewer - to inject a drug
Go loco - to smoke marijuana
Go on a sleigh ride - to inhale cocaine
Godfather - joint of weed laced with cocaine
Godfather - cigar filled with marijuna or other type drug
God's flesh - psilocybin/psilocin
God's medicine - opium
God's drug - morphine
Going 90 mph - the peak of a trip
Going to the dentist - nitrus oxide
Gold - marijuana; crack
Gold dust - cocaine
Gold star - marijuana
Golden Dragon - LSD
Golden girl - heroin
Golden leaf - very high quality marijuana
Golf ball - crack
Golf balls - depressant or LSD
Golpe - heroin
Goma - opium; black tar heroin
Gondola - opium
Gong - marijuana; opium
Gong ringer - a fat joint
Goob - methcathinone
Good - PCP
Good and plenty - heroin
Good butt - marijuana cigarette
Good giggles - marijuana
Good go - proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Good H - heroin
Good lick - good drugs
Goodfellas - fentanyl
Goof butt - marijuana cigarette
Goofball - cocaine and heroin; depressant
Goofers - depressant
Goofy's - LSD
Goon - PCP
Goon dust - PCP
Gopher - person paid to pickup drugs
Goric - opium
Gorilla tab - PCP
Gorilla biscuits - PCP
Gorilla pills - depressant
Got it going on - fast sale of drugs
Graduate - completely stop using drugs or progress to stronger drugs
Gram - hashish
Grape parfait - LSD
Grass - marijuana
Grass brownies - marijuana
Grata - marijuana
Gravel - crack
Gravy - to inject a drug; heroin
Grease - currency
Great bear - fentanyl
Great tobacco - opium
Green - inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine
Green button - fresh button of peyote
Green cigerette - joint of marijuana
Green double domes - LSD
Green dragons - depressant
Green frog - depressant
Green goddess - marijuana
Green gold - cocaine
Green goods - paper currency
Green leaves - PCP
Green single domes - LSD
Green tea - PCP
Green wedge - LSD
Greens/green stuff - paper currency
Greeter - marijuana
Greta - marijuana
Grey shields - LSD
Griefo - marijuana
Griff - marijuana
Griffa - marijuana
Griffo - marijuana
Grit - crack
Groceries - crack
Grogged - really stoned or burnt out on marijuana
Ground control - guide or caretaker during a hallucinogenic experience
G spot tornado - equal parts rum & nyQuil
Gum - opium
Guma - opium
Gun - to inject a drug; needle
Gungun - marijuana
Gunther - neighborhood pot dealer
Gutter - vein into which a drug is injected
Gutter junkie - addict who relies on others to obtain drugs
Gyve - marijuana cigarette

H - heroin
H & C - heroin and cocaine
H Caps - heroin
Hache - heroin
Hail - crack
Hairy - heroin
Half - 1/2 ounce
Half-a-C - $50 bill
Half a football field - 50 rocks of crack
Half G - $500
Half load - 15 bags (decks) of heroin
Half moon - peyote
Half piece - 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine
Half track - crack
Hamburger helper - crack
Hand-to-hand - direct delivery and payment
Hand-to-hand man - transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack
Hanhich - marijuana
Hanyak - smokable speed
Happy cigarette - marijuana cigarette
Happy dust - cocaine
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Happy powder - cocaine
Happy trails - cocaine
Hard candy - heroin
Hardcore - heavy drug user
Hard line - crack
Hard rock - crack
Hard stuff - opium; heroin
Hardware - isobutyl nitrite
Harm Reducer - marijuana
Harry - heroin
Hats - LSD
Hash - marijuana
Have a dust - cocaine
Haven dust - cocaine
Hawaiin - very high potency marijuana
Hawaiis finest - ice
Hawaiian sunshine - LSD
Hawk - LSD
Hay - marijuana
Hay butt - marijuana cigarette
Haze - LSD
Hazel - heroin
Head drugs - amphetamine
Headlights - LSD
Heart-on - inhalant
Hearts - amphetamine
Heaven and Hell - PCP
Heaven dust - heroin; cocaine
Heavenly blue - LSD
Heeled - having plenty of money
Helen - heroin
Hell dust - heroin
He-man - fentanyl
Hemp - marijuana
Henpicking - searching on hands and knees for crack
Henry - heroin
Henry VIII - cocaine
Her - cocaine
Herb - marijuana
Herb and Al - marijuana and alcohol
Herba - marijuana
Herms - PCP
Hero - heroin
Hero of the underworld - heroin
Heroina - heroinHerone
Hessle - heroin
High - the effect drug users feel when using drugs
Highbeams - the wide eyes of a person on crack
Hikori - peyote
Hikuli - peyote
Him - heroin
Hinkley - PCP
Hippie crack - inhalant
Hiropon - smokable methamphetamine
Hit - crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana
Hits - LSD
Hit the hay - to smoke marijuana
Hit the main line - to inject a drug
Hit the needle - to inject a drug
Hit the pit - to inject a drug
Hitch up the reindeers - to inhale cocaine
Hitter - little pipe designed for only one hit
Hitting up - injecting drugs
HO - half ounce marijuana
Hocus - opium; marijuana
Hog - PCP
Holli - a joint stuck in a pipe and then smoked
Holding - possessing drugs
Hombre - heroin
Hombrecitos - psilocybin
Homegrown - marijuana
Honey - currency
Honey blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Honey oil - ketamine; inhalant
Honeymoon - early stages of drug use before addiction or dependency develops
Hong-yen - heroin in pill form
Hooch - marijuana
Hoochie-Mamma - a two paper joint
Hooked - addicted
Hooter - cocaine; marijuana
Hop/hops - opium
Hopped up - under the influence of drugs
Horn - to inhale cocaine; crack pipe
Horning - heroin; to inhale cocaine
Horse - heroin
Horse heads - amphetamine
Horse tracks - PCP
Horse tranquilizer - PCP
Hot box - to fill up a closed area with second-hand marijuana smoke
Hot dope - heroin
Hot heroin - poisoned to give to a police informant
Hot ice - smokable methamphetamine
Hot load/hot shot - lethal injection of an opiate
Hot stick - marijuana cigarette
Hotcakes - crack
House fee - money paid to enter a crackhouse
House piece - crack given to the owner of a crackhouse or apartment where crack users congregate
How do you like me now? - crack
Hows - morphine
HRN - heroin
Hubba, I am back - crack
Hubba pigeon - crack user looking for rocks on a floor after a police raid
Hubbas - crack, term from Northern CA
Huff - inhalant
Huffer - inhalant abuser
(of gas, glue, pam, ect.)
Hulling - using others to get drugs
Hunter - cocaine
Hustle - attempt to obtain drug customers
Hyatari - peyote
Hydro - marijuana
Hydrophonic - hydrophonically grown marijuana
Hype - heroin addict; an addict
Hype stick - hypodermic needle

I am back - crack
Ice - cocaine; methamphetamine; smokeable amphetamine; MDMA, PCP
Ice cream habit - occasional use of drugs
Ice cube - crack
Icing - cocaine
Idiot pills - depressant
In - connected with drug suppliers
Inbetweens - depressant; amphetamine
Incense - opium
Inca message - cocaine
Indian boy - marijuana
Indian hay - marijuana from India
Indica - species of cannabis, found in hot climate, grows 3.5 to 4 feet
Indo - marijuana, term from Northern CA
Indonesian bud - marijuana; opium
Infinity - LSD that lasts for a long period of time
Instant zen - LSD
Interplanetary mission - travel from one crackhouse to another in search of crack
Isda - heroin
Issues - crack
IZM - marijuana

J - marijuana cigarette
J's - joints
Jab/job - to inject a drug
Jack - steal someone else's drugs
Jackpot - fentanyl
Jack-Up - to inject a drug
Jag - keep a high going
Jam - amphetamine; cocaine
Jamaican Red - potent marijuana from Jamaica
Jam cecil - amphetamine
Jane - marijuana
Jay smoke - marijuana
Jay - marijuana cigarette
Jee gee - heroin
Jefferson airplane - used match cut in half to hold a partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Jellies - depressant
Jelly - cocaine
Jelly baby - amphetamine
Jelly bean - amphetamine; depressant
Jelly beans - crack
Jesus Christ acid - especially potent LSD
Jet - ketamine
Jet fuel - PCP
Jim Jones - marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jive - heroin; marijuana; drugs
Jive doo jee - heroin
Jive stick - marijuana
Johnny go fast - speed
Johnson - crack
Joint - marijuana cigarette
Jojee - heroin
Jolly bean - amphetamine
Jolly green - marijuana
Jolly pop - casual user of heroin
Jolt - to inject a drug; strong reaction to drugs
Jones - heroin
Jonesing - need for drugs
Joy flakes - heroin
Joy juice - depressant
Joy plant - opium
Joy pop - to inject a drug
Joy popping - occasional use of drugs
Joy powder - heroin; cocaine
Joyride - going out and getting high
Joy smoke - marijuana
Joy stick - marijuana cigarette
Ju-ju - marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez - marijuana
Juanita - marijuana
Juggle - sell drugs to another addict to support a habit
Juggler - teen-aged street dealer
Jugs - amphetamine
Juice - steroids, PCP
Juice joint - marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Jum - sealed plastic bag containing crack
Jumbos - large vials of crack sold on the streets
Junk - cocaine; heroin
Junkie - addict

Kabayo - heroin
Kabuki - crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Kaksonjae - smokable methamphetamine
Kali - marijuana
Kaliedescope - a type of LSD
Kate bush - kind bud
Kangaroo - crack
Kaps - PCP
Karachi - heroin
Kaya - marijuana
KB - potent marijuana
K-blast - PCP
Kentucky blue - marijuana
Keesh - a fat bag
Keller - ketamine
Kellys day - ketamine
Keyed - high on drugs
KGB (killer green bud) - marijuana
K-hole - periods of ketamine-induced confusion
Kibbles & Bits - small crumbs of crack
Kick - getting off a drug habit; inhalant
Kicked - to pass out or about to pass out
Kick stick - marijuana cigarette
Kiddie dope - prescription drugs
Kiff - marijuana
Killer - marijuana; PCP
Killer weed (1980s) - marijuana and PCP
Killer weed (1960s) - marijuana
Kilo - 2.2 pounds
Kilter - marijuana
Kind - marijuana
Kind bud - marijuana
King ivory - fentanyl
King Kong pills - depressant
King's habit - cocaine
Kit - equipment used to inject drugs
Kleenex - MDMA
Klingons - crack addicts
Knuckle Samich - phat joint
Kokomo - crack
Koller joints - PCP
Kools - PCP
Kona Gold - strong marijuana grown on the Big Island in Hawaii
Kram - to pack the bowl tight
Kryptonite - crack
Krystal - PCP
Krystal joint - PCP
Krippies - moist marijuana only to be smoked out of a bowl or bong
Kumba - marijuana
Kushempeng - marijuana
Kutchie - marijuana

L.A. - long-acting amphetamine
L.A. glass - smokable methamphetamine
L.A. ice - smokable methamphetamine
L.L. - marijuana
Lace - cocaine and marijuana
Lady - cocaine
Lady caine - cocaine
Lady snow - cocaine
Lakbay diva - marijuana
Lamborghini - crack pipe made from plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Las mujercitas - psilocybin
Lason sa daga - LSD
Laugh and scratch - to inject a drug
Laughing gas - nitrous oxide
Laughing grass - marijuana
Laughing weed - marijuana
Lay back - depressant
Lay-out - equipment for taking drugs
LBJ - LSD; PCP; heroin
Leaky bolla - PCP
Leaky leak - PCP
Leaf - marijuana; cocaine
Leapers - amphetamine
Leaping - under the influence of drugs
Leary's - LSD
Legal speed - over the counter asthma drug; trate name = Mini thin
Lemon 714 - PCP
Lemonade - heroin; poor quality drugs
Lenllo - joint
Lens - LSD
Lethal weapon - PCP
Lettuce - money
Lib (Librium) - depressant
Lid - 1 ounce of marijuana
Lid proppers - amphetamine
Life Saver - heroin
Light stuff - marijuana
Lightning - amphetamine
Lima - marijuana
Lime acid - LSD
Line - cocaine
Linga - crank
Lipton Tea - inferior quality drugs
Lit up - under the influence of drugs
Little bomb - amphetamine; heroin; depressant
Little bowl of buddha - 10 gram bowl of marijuana budds or hash
Little Green Friends - marijuana
Little ones - PCP
Little smoke - marijuana; psilocybin/psilocin
Live ones - PCP
Llesca - marijuana
Load - 25 bags of heroin
Loaded - high
Loaf - marijuana
Lobo - marijuana
Locker room - isobutyl nitrite
Locoweed - marijuana
Log - PCP; marijuana cigarette
Logor - LSD
Loused - covered by sores and abscesses from repeated use of unsterile needles
Love - crack
Love affair - cocaine
Love boat - marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP
Love doctor - MDMA
Love drug - MDMA; depressant
Love nuggets - marijuana
Love pearls - alpha-ethyltyptamine
Love potion #9 - MDMA
Love pills - alpha-ethyltyptamine
Love trip - MDMA and mescaline
Love weed - marijuana
Lovelies - marijuana laced with PCP
Lovely - PCP
LSD - lysergic acid diethylamide
Lubage - marijuana
Lucy in the sky with diamonds - LSD
Lucky Charmz - ecstacy
Ludes - depressant
Luding out - depressant
Luds - depressant
Lunchbox - kids that do drugs
Lunch head - alcoholic

420 - marijuana
M - marijuana; morphine
M.J. - marijuana
M.O. - marijuana
M.S. - morphine
M.U. - marijuana
M&M - depressant
Machinery - marijuana
Macon - marijuana
Madman - PCP
Mad dog - PCP
Mad scientist - someone who makes crank
Magic - PCP
Magic dust - PCP
Magic mushroom - psilocybin/psilocin
Magic smoke - marijuana
Main line - to inject a drug
Mainliner - person who injects into the vein
Make up - need to find more drugs
Mama coca - cocaine
Manhattan silver - marijuana
Manteca - US PuertoRican's slang for Heroin
Marathons - amphetamine
Mari - marijuana cigarette
Marimba - marijuana
Marshmallow reds - depressant
Mary - marijuana
Mary and Johnny - marijuana
Mary Ann - marijuana
Mary Jane - marijuana
Mary Jonas - marijuana
Mary Warner - marijuana
Mary Weaver - marijuana
Maserati - crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Matchbox - 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes
Matsakow - heroin
Maui wauie - marijuana from Hawaii
Max - gamma hydroxy butyrate dissolved in water and mixed with amphetamines
Maxibolin - oral steroid
Mayo - cocaine; heroin
MDMA - methylenedioxy-methamphetamine
Mean green - PCP
Meg - marijuana
Megg - marijuana cigarette
Meggie - marijuana
Mellow yellow - LSD
Merchandise - drugs
Merk - cocaine
Mesc - mescaline
Mescal - mescaline
Mescap - capsule of mescaline
Mescy - peyote
Mese - mescaline
Messorole - marijuana
Meth - methamphetamine
Meth head - regular user of methamphetamine
Meth monster - person who has a violent reaction to methamphetamine
Method - marijuana
Methyltestosterone - oral steroid
Mexican brown - heroin; marijuana
Mexican horse - heroin
Mexican mud - heroin
Mexican mushroom - psilocybin/psilocin
Mexican red - marijuana
Mexican reds - depressant
Mezc - mescaline
Mickey Finn - depressant
Mickey's - depressant
Microdot - LSD
Midnight oil - opium
Midnight toker - some who smokes marijuana before bed
Mighty Quinn - LSD
Mighty Joe Young - depressant
Mighty mezz - marijuana cigarette
Mighty Mite - breed of marijuana plant with huge buds
Mind detergent - LSD
Minglewood - hash & kind bud filled blunt
Minibennie - amphetamine
Mint leaf - PCP
Mint weed - PCP
Mira - opiumMiss
Miss Emma - morphine
Missile basing - crack liquid and PCP
Mission - trip out of the crackhouse to obtain crack
Mist - PCP; crack smoke
Mister blue - morphine
Modams - marijuana
Mohasky - marijuana
Mojo - cocaine; heroin
Monkey - drug dependency; cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco
Monkey dust - PCP
Monkey tranquilizer - PCP
Monos - cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco
Monte - marijuana from South America
Mooca/moocah - marijuana
Moon - mescaline
Moonrock - crack and heroin
Mooster - marijuana
Moota/mutah - marijuana
Mooters - marijuana cigarette
Mootie - marijuana
Mootos - marijuana
Mor a grifa - marijuana
More - PCP
Morf - morphine
Morning wake-up - first blast of crack from the pipe
Morotgara - heroin
Mortal combat - high potency heroin
Mosquitos - cocaine
Mota/moto - marijuana
Mother - marijuana
Mother of God - LSD paper with naked woman on it
Mother's little helper - depressant or specifically valium
Mouth worker - one who takes drugs orally
Movie star drug - cocaine
Mow the grass - to smoke marijuana
Mowing the Lawn - smoking marijuana
Mud - opium; heroin
Muerte - overdoseing
Muggie - marijuana
Mujer - cocaine
Mule - carrier of drugs
Munchies - to get real hungry after smoking herb
Murder one - heroin and cocaine
Murder 8 - fentanyl
Mushrooms - psilocybin/psilocin
Musk - psilocybin/psilocin
Mutha - marijuana
Muzzle - heroin

Nail - marijuana cigarette
Nailed - arrested
Nanoo - heroin
Nazi vitamens - crystal meth
Nebbies - depressant
Nemmies - depressant
New acid - PCP
New magic - PCP
New Jack Swing - heroin and morphine
Newspapers - LSD
Nexus - 2C-B
Nice and easy - heroin
Nick - 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram
Nickel - 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram
Nickel bag - $5 worth of drugs; heroin
Nickel deck - heroin
Nickel note - $5 bill
Nickelonians - crack addicts
Niebla - PCP
Nimbies - depressant
Nitro - speed or nitrous
Nitrous Oxide - nitrous
Nix - stranger among the group
Nod - effects of heroin
Noise - heroin
Nontoucher - crack user who doesn't want affection during or after smoking crack
Northern Lights - extremly high grade marijuana
Nose - heroin
Nose candy - cocaine
Nose drops - liquified heroin
Nose stuff - cocaine
Nose powder - cocaine
Nubs - peyote
Nugget - amphetamine
Nuggets - crack
Number - marijuana cigarette
Number 3 - cocaine, heroin
Number 4 - heroin
Number 8 - heroin
Number 9 - ecstacy

O - opium
Oboy - marijuana
O.J. - marijuana
O.P. - opium
O.P.P. - PCP
Octane - PCP laced with gasoline
Ogoy - heroin
Oil - heroin, PCP
Old Steve - heroin
On a mission - searching for crack
On a trip - under the influence of drugs
On ice - in jail
On the bricks - walking the streets
On the nod - under the influence of narcotics or depressant
One and one - to inhale cocaine
One box tissue - one ounce of crack
One-fifty-one - crack
One hitter quiter - marijuana that takes one hit to obtain a high
One way - LSD
Ope - opium
Optical illusions - LSD
Orange barrels - LSD
Orange crystal - PCP
Orange cubes - LSD
Orange haze - LSD
Orange micro - LSD
Orange wedges - LSD
Oranges - amphetamine
Oregano - hash
Outerlimits - crack and LSD
Outfit - heroin
Owl - marijuana
Owsley - LSD
Owsley's acid - LSD
O - ounce of marijuana
Oz - inhalant
Ozone - PCP
OZ - ounce of marijuna or other drugs
Ozzie - ounce of marijuana

PCP - phencyclidine
P.R. (Panama Red) - marijuana
P-dope - 20-30% pure heroin
P-funk - heroin; crack and PCP
Pack - heroin; marijuana
Pack of rocks - marijuana cigarette
Pakalolo - marijuana
Pakistani black - marijuana
Panama cut - marijuana
Panama gold - marijuana
Panama red - marijuana
Panatella - large marijuana cigarette
Panckes and syrup - Combination of glutethimide and codeine cough syrup
Pane - LSD
Pangonadalot - heroin
Panic - drugs not available
Paps - rolling papers
Paper acid - LSD
Paper bag - container for drugs
Paper blunts - marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Paper boy - heroin peddler
Parabolin - veterinary steroid
Parachute - crack and PCP smoked; heroin
Paradise - cocaine
Paradise white - cocaine
Parlay - crack
Parsley - marijuana, PCP
Paste - crack
Pat - marijuana
Patico - crack (Spanish)
Paz - PCP
Peace - LSD, PCP
Peace pill - PCP
Peace tablets - LSDPeace weed
Peaches - amphetamine
Peanut - depressant
Peanut butter - PCP mixed with peanut butter
Peanut butter - a type of meythamphetamine that is brown in color
Pearl - cocaine
Pearls - amyl nitrite
Pearly gates - LSD or morning glory seeds
Pebbles - crack
Peddlar - drug supplier
Pee Wee - crack; $5 worth of crack
Peep - PCP
Peg - heroin
Pellets - LSD
Pen yan - opium
Pep pills - amphetamine
Pepsi habit - occasional use of drugs
Perfect High - heroin
Perico - cocaine
Perp - fake crack made of candle wax and baking soda
Peter Pan - PCP
Peth - depressant
Permafried - high all the time
Peruvian - cocaine
Peruvian flake - cocaine
Peruvian lady - cocaine
Peyote - mescaline
Phennies - depressant
Phenos - depressant
Pianoing - using the fingers to find lost crack
Pid - possession with intent to distribute
Piece - 1 ounce; cocaine; crack
Piedras - crack (Spanish)
Pig Killer - PCP
Piles - crack
Pimp - cocaine
Pimp your pipe - lending or renting your crack pipe
Pin - marijuana
Pine - marijuana
Pinner - small joint of marijuana
Pin gon - opium
Pin yen - opium
Ping-in-wing - to inject a drug
Pink blotters - LSD
Pink hearts - amphetamine
Pink ladies - depressant
Pink Panther - LSD
Pink robots - LSD
Pink wedge - LSD
Pink witches - LSD
Pipe - crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances
Pipero - crack user
Pit - PCP
Pixies - amphetamine
Piznacle - marijauna pipe
Pizza - marijuana or LSD
Pizza toppings - psilocybin/psilocin mushrooms
Plant - hiding place for drugs
Pocket rocket - marijuana
Pod - marijuana
Poison - heroin; fentanyl
Poke - marijuana
Polvo - heroin; PCP
Polvo blanco - cocaine
Polvo de angel - PCP
Polvo de estrellas - PCP
Pony - crack
Poof - smoking ice
Poor man's pot - inhalant
Pop - to inhale cocaine
Poppers - isobutyl nitrite; amyl nitrite
Poppy - heroin
Pot - marijuana
Pothead - someone who smokes pot (marijuana)
Potato - LSD
Potato chips - crack cut with benzocaine
Potten bush - marijuana
Powder - heroin; amphetamine
Powder diamonds - cocaine
Power puller - rubber piece attached to crack stem
Pox - opium
Pregnant - when a joint has a lump in the middle
Prescription - marijuana cigarette
Press - cocaine; crack
Pretendica - marijuana
Pretendo - marijuana
Primo - crack; marijuana mixed with crack
Primobolan - injectable and oral steroid
Primos - cigarettes laced with cocaine and heroin
Proviron - oral steroid
Prudential - crack user
Pseudocaine - phenylpropanolamine, an adulterant for cutting crack
Puff - to smoke weed
Puff the dragon - to smoke marijuana
Puffer - crack smoker
Puffy - PCP
Pulborn - heroin
Pull a will - vomiting from too much drug use
Pullers - crack users who pull at parts of their bodies excessively
Pumping - selling crack
Pure - heroin
Pure love - LSD
Purple - ketamine
Purple barrels - LSD
Purple haze - LSD
Purple hearts - LSD; amphetamine; depressant
Purple flats - LSD
Purple ozoline - LSD
Purple rain - PCP
Push - sell drugs
Push shorts - to cheat or sell short amounts
Pusher - one who sells drugs; metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue in crack stems

Q - depressant
Q.P. - quarter pound of marijuana
Quad - depressant
Quarter - 1/4 ounce or $25 worth of drugs
Quarter bag - $25 worth of drugs
Quarter moon - hashish
Quarter piece - 1/4 ounce
Quartz - smokable speed
Quas - depressant
Queen Ann's lace - marijuana
Queeted - when you get WAY too high off half a bowl
Quicksilver - isobutyl nitrite
Quill - methamphetamine; heroin; cocaine
Quinolone - injectable steroid

RB - resin bud (marijuana)
Racehorse charlie - cocaine; heroin
Ragweed - inferior quality marijuana; heroin
Railroad weed - marijuana
Rail - large dose of crystal meth
Rainbows - depressant
Rainy day woman - marijuana
Rambo - heroin
Rane - cocaine; heroin
Rangood - marijuana grown wild
Rap - criminally charged; to talk with someone
Raspberry - female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rasta weed - marijuana
Rat - someone that turns drug dealers in to the police
Raw - crack
Rave - party designed to enhance a hallucinogenic experience through music and behavior
Razed - under the influence of drugs
Ready rock - cocaine; crack; heroin
Recompress - change the shape of cocaine flakes to resemble "rock"
Recycle - LSD
Red - under the influence of drugs
Red and blue - depressant
Red bullets - depressant
Red caps - crack
Red cross - marijuana
Red chicken - heroin
Red devil - depressant, PCP
Red dirt - marijuana
Reds - depressant
Red eagle - heroin
Red phosphorus - smokable speed
Reefer - marijuana
Register - to allow blood to flow back into needle just prior to injecting heroin
Regular P - crack
Reindeer dust - heroin
Rhine - heroin
Rhythm - amphetamine
Riding the train - using cocaine
Riding the wave - under the influence of drugs
Rig - equipment used to inject drugs
Righteous bush - marijuana
Ringer - good hit of crack
Ripped - under the influence of drugs
Rippers - amphetamine
Roach - butt of marijuana cigarette
Roach clip - holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Road dope - amphetamine
Robo-ing - drinking robotussin with codeine
Roca - crack (Spanish)
Roche - Rophynol; (see "roofies")
Rock attack - crack
Rock house - place where crack is sold and smoked
Rock(s) - cocaine; crack
Rocket caps - dome-shaped caps on crack vials
Rocket fuel - PCP
Rockets - marijuana cigarette
Rockette - female who uses crack
Rocks of hell - crack
Rock star - female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rocky III - crack
Roid rage - aggressive behavior caused by excessive steroid use
Roll - MDMA
Roller - to inject a drug
Rollers - police
Rolling - MDMA
Roofies - Rohypnol; a sedative that makes users feel very drunk
Rook - person who can't hang.....can't handle their drugs
Rooster - crack
Root - marijuana
Rope - marijuana
Roples - Rophynol; (see "roofies")
Rosa - amphetamineRose marie
Roses - amphetamine
Rox - crack
Roxanne - cocaine; crack
Royal blues - LSD
Royal Temple Ball - resin mixed with LSD then rolled in to a ball
Roz - crack
Ruderalis - species of cannabis, found in Russia, grows 1 to 2.5 feet
Ruffles - Rophynol; (see "roofies")
Runners - people who sell drugs for others
Running - MDMA
Rupture - PCP
Rush - isobutyl nitrite
Rush snappers - isobutyl nitrite
Russian sickles - LSD

Sack - heroin
Sacrament - LSD
Sacre mushroom - psilocybin
Sak - bag of marijuana
Salt - heroin
Salt and pepper - marijuana
Sam - federal narcotics agent
Sancocho - to steal (Spanish)
Sandoz - LSD
Sandwich - two layers of cocaine with a layer of heroin in the middle
San Pedro - mescaline
Santa Marta - marijuana
Sasfras - marijuana
Satan's secret - inhalant
Satch - papers, letter, cards, clothing, etc., saturated with drug solution (used to smuggle drugs into prisons or hospitals)
Satch cotton - fabric used to filter a solution of narcotics before injection
Sativa - species of cannabis, found in cool, damp climate, grows up to 18 feet
Scaffle - PCP
Scag - heroin
Scat - heroin
Scate - heroin
Schmeck - cocaine
Schoolboy - cocaine, codeine
Schoolcraft - crack
Scissors - marijuana
Score - purchase drugs
Scorpion - cocaine
Scott - heroin
Scottie - cocaine
Scotty - cocaine; crack; the high from crack
Scramble - crack
Scratch - money
Scruples - crack
Scuffle - PCP
Seccy - depressant
Seeds - marijuana
Seggy - depressant
Sen - marijuana
Seni - peyote
Sernyl - PCP
Serpico 21 - cocaine
Server - crack dealer
Sess - marijuana
Set - place where drugs are sold
Sevenup - cocaine; crack
Sewer - vein into which a drug is injected
Sezz - marijuana
Shabu - ice
Shake - marijuana
Shaker/baker/water - materials needed to freebase cocaine; shaker bottle, baking soda, water
Sharps - needles
Shaman - peyote
She - cocaine
Sheets - PCP
Sheet rocking - crack and LSD
Sherm - a cigarette that has been dipped in embalming fluid
Shermans - PCP or PCP laced cigarette
Sherms - PCP; crack
Shmagma - marijuana
Shmeck/schmeek - heroin
Shoot/shoot up - to inject a drug
Shoot the breeze - nitrous oxide
Shooting gallery - place where drugs are used
Shot - to inject a drug
Shot down - under the influence of drugs
Shot Gun - someone puts the joint or blunt in their mouth backwards and blows the smoke into someones mouth.
Shrooms - psilocybin/psilocin
Shrimp - marijuana
Shwag - low grade marijuana
Siddi - marijuana
Sightball - crack
Silly Putty - psilocybin/psilocin
Simple Simon - psilocybin/ psilocin
Sinse - marijuana
Sinsemilla - potent variety marijuana
Sixty-two - 2 1/2 ounces of crack
Skee - opium
Skeegers/skeezers - crack-smoking prostitute
Sketch - a bad reaction to LSD or marijuana
Sketching - coming down from a speed induced high
Skid - heroin
Skies - refers to scales used to weigh drugs
Skied - under the influence of drugs
Skin popping - injecting drugs under the skin
Skuffle - PCP
Skunk - marijuana
Slab - crack
Slack - a bag that don't weigh out
Slam - to inject a drug
Slanging - selling drugs
Sleeper - heroin; depressant
Sleet - crack
Slick superspeed - methcathinone
Slime - heroin
Slinging - dealing drugs
Slits - MDMA
Smack - heroin
Smears - LSD
smoochywoochypoochy - marijuana
Smoking - PCP
Smoke - heroin and crack; crack; marijuana
Smoke Canada - marijuana
Smoke-out - under the influence of drugs
Smoke you out - smoke marijuana with you
Smoking gun - heroin and cocaine
Snap - amphetamine
Snappers - isobutyl nitrite
Sniff - to inhale cocaine; inhalant; methcathinone
Snite - lighter used to smoke drugs
Snop - marijuana
Snort - to inhale cocaine; use inhalantSnorts
Snot - residue produced from smoking amphetamine
Snot balls - rubber cement rolled into balls and burned
Snow - cocaine; heroin; amphetamine
Snowball - cocaine and heroin
Snow bird - cocaine
Snowcones - cocaine
Snow pallets - amphetamine
Snow seals - cocaine and amphetamine
Snow soke - crack
Snow white - cocaine
Spliffy - joint of marijuana
Society high - cocaine
Soda - injectable cocaine used in Hispanic communities
Softballs - depressant
Soles - hashish
Soma - PCP
Sopers - depressant
Space base - crack dipped in PCP; hollowed out cigar refilled with PCP and crack
Space cadet - crack dipped in PCP
Space cadet - someone high on drugs
Space dust - crack dipped in PCP
Spaced out - high on marijuana
Space ship - glass pipe used to smoke crack
Spare time - possessing marijuana
Spark an owl - smoke a gigantic joint
Sparking an owl - lighting a joint
Spark it up - to smoke marijuana
Sparkle plenty - amphetamine
Sparklers - amphetamine
Splaff - marijuana cigerette laced with acid
Special "K" - ketamine
Special la coke - ketamine
Speed - methamphetamine; amphetamine; crack
Speed boat - marijuana, PCP, crack
Speed freak - habitual user of methamphetamine
Speed for lovers - MDMA
Speedball - heroin and cocaine; amphetamine
Spider blue - heroin
Spike - to inject a drug; needle
Splash - amphetamine
Spliff - marijuana cigarette
Splim - marijuana
Split - half and half or to leave
Splivins - amphetamine
Spoc - police officers (Cops spelled backwards)
Spoon - 1/16 ounce of heroin;paraphernalia used to prepare heroin for injection
Spores - PCP
Sporting - to inhale cocaine
Spray - inhalant
Sprung - person just starting to use drugs
Square dancing tickets - LSD
Square mackerel - marijuana, term from Florida
Square time Bob - crack
Squirrel - smoking cocaine, marijuana and PCP; LSD
Stack - marijuana
Stacking - taking steroids with a prescription
Stackola - stacking money
Star - methcathinone
Stardust - cocaine, PCP
Star-spangled powder - cocaine
Stash - place to hide drugs
Stash areas - drug storage and distribution areas
Stat - Methcathinone
Steamroller - pipe used to smoke marijuana
Steerer - person who directs customers to spots for buying crack
Stem - cylinder used to smoke crack
Stems - marijuana
Step on - dilute drugs
Stick - marijuana, PCP
Stimey - dime bag
Stinky - pot
Stink weed - marijuana
Stoned - under the influence of drugs
Stones - crack
Stoner - someone who stays high on marijuana
Stoppers - depressant
Straw - marijuana cigarette
Strawberries - depressant
Strawberry - female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Strawberry fields - LSD
Strung out - heavily addicted to drugs
Stuff - heroin
Stumbler - depressant
Sugar - cocaine; LSD; heroin
Sugar block - crack
Sugar cubes - LSD
Sugar lumps - LSD
Sugar weed - marijuana
Sunshine - LSD
Super - PCP
Super acid - ketamine
Super C - ketamine
Super Grass - PCP
Super ice - smokable methamphetamine
Super-Jaded - blitzed off drugs; unable to think clearly
Super joint - PCP
Super kools - PCP
Super weed - PCP
Supergrass - marijuana
surfer - PCP
Swag - poor quality marijuana
Sweet Jesus - heroin
Sweet Lucy - marijuana
Sweet stuff - heroin; cocaine
Sweets - amphetamine Swell up
Swilly - kind of drunk
Swisher - Cigar emptied and filled with Marijuana.
synthetic cocaine - PCP
Synthetic THT - PCP

T - acid tabs
T - cocaine; marijuanaT.N.T.
Tabs - LSD
Tail lights - LSD
Taima - marijuana
Taking a cruise - PCP
Takkouri - marijuana
Tampon - a fat joint
Tango & Cash - fentanyl
Tar - opium; heroin
Tardust - cocaine
Taste - heroin; small sample of drugs
Taxing - price paid to enter a crackhouse; charging more per vial depending on race of customer or if not a regular customer
T-buzz - PCP
Tea - marijuana, PCP
Tea party - to smoke marijuana
Teardrops - dosage units of crack packaged in the cut-off corners of plastic bags
Tecate - heroin
Tecatos - Hispanic heroin addicts
Teddy bears - LSD
Teenage - 1/16 gram of methamphetamine
Teener - 1/16 crack rock (given to us by a narcotics agent)
Teeth - cocaine; crack
Tension - crack
Tex-mex - marijuana
Texas pot - marijuana
Texas tea - marijuana
Thai sticks - bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo
THC - tetrahydrocannabinol
The beast - heroin
The C - methcathinone
The great white hope - crack
The devil - crack
The witch - heroin
Therobolin - injectable steroid
Thing - heroin; cocaine; main drug interest at the moment
Thirst monsters - heavy crack smokers
Thirteen - marijuana
Thoroughbred - drug dealer who sells pure narcotics
Thrust - isobutyl nitrite
Thrusters - amphetamine
Thumb - marijuana
Tic - PCP in powder form
Tic tac - PCP
Ticket - LSD
Tie - to inject a drug
Tin - container for marijuana; a marijauna pipe made out of tinfoil
Tish - PCP
Tissue - crack
Titch - PCP
Toilet water - inhalant
Toke - to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana
Toke up - to smoke marijuana
Toncho - octane booster which is inhaled
Tooles - depressant
Tools - equipment used for injecting drugs
Toot - cocaine; to inhale cocaine
Tootie - meth
Tooties - depressant
Tootsie roll - heroin
Top gun - crack
Topi - mescaline
Tops - peyote
Torch - marijuana
Torch cooking - smoking cocaine base by using a propane or butane torch as a source of flame
Torch up - to smoke marijuana
Torpedo - crack and marijuana
Toss up - female who trades sex for crack or money to
buy crack
Totally spent - MDMA hangover
Toucher - user of crack who wants affection before, during, or after smoking crack
Tout - person who introduces buyers to sellers
Toxy - opium
Toys - opium
TR-6s - amphetamine
Tracers - visual effects of halucinogenics
Track - to inject a drug
Tracks - row of needle marks on a person
Tragic magic - crack dipped in PCP
Trails - LSD induced perception that moving objects leave multiple images or trails behind them
Trank - PCP
Tranq - depressant
Trap - hiding place for drugs
Trash - herion
Trashed - under the influence
Trays - bunches of vials
Travel agent - LSD supplier
Trees - marijuana or pot
Trip - LSD; alpha-ethyltyptamine
Troop - crack
Trophobolene - injectable steroid
Truck drivers - amphetamine
Tubes - water pipes or bongs
Tuie - depressant
Turbo - crack and marijuana
Turf - place where drugs are sold
Turkey - cocaine; amphetamine or hash
Turnabout - amphetamine
Turned on - introduced to drugs; under the influence
Tutti-frutti - flavored cocaine developed by a Brazillian gang
Tweak mission - on a mission to find crack
Tweaker - crack user looking for rocks on the floor after a police raid
Tweaking - drug-induced paranoia; peaking on speed
Tweeds - marijuana
Tweek - methamphetamine-like substance
Tweeker - methcathinone
Tweeker - a person addicted to meythamphetamines
Twenty - $20 rock of crack
Twenty-five - LSD
Twist - marijuana cigarette
Twistum - marijuana cigarette
Two for nine - two $5 vials or bags of crack for $9

Ultimate - crack
Uncle - Federal agents
Uncle Fester - glass pipe
Uncle Milty - depressant
Unkie - morphine
Up against the stem - addicted to smoking marijuana
Uppers - amphetamine
Uppies - amphetamine
Ups and downs - depressant
Utopiates - hallucinogens
Uzi - crack; crack pipe

V - the depressant Valium
Valley dolls - LSD
Vaporizer - vaporizes marijuana and leaves you with just the THC
Venom - PCP
Viper's weed - marijuana
Vodka acid - LSD
Volcano 5 - red LSD paper

Wac - PCP on marijuana
Wack - PCP
Wacky Tobacky - marijuana
Wacky weed - marijuana
Waffles - hits of LSD
Wake ups - amphetamineWasted
Water - methamphetamine, PCP
Wave - crack
Wedding bells - LSD
Wedge - LSD
Weed - marijuana, PCP
Weed out - weed for sale
Weed tea - marijuana
Weightless - high on crack
Weltschmerz - herion withdrawal
Wet - PCP
Whack - PCP and heroin
Wheat - marijuana
When-shee - opium
Whippets - nitrous oxide
White - amphetamine
White ball - crack
White boy - heroin
White cloud - crack smoke
White cross - methamphetamine; amphetamine
White dust - LSD
White fluff - LSD
White ghost - crack
White girl - cocaine; heroin
White-haired lady - marijuana
White horizon - PCP
White horse - cocaine
White junk - heroin
White lady - cocaine; heroin
White lightning - LSD
White mosquito - cocaine
White nurse - heroin
White Owsley's - LSD
White powder - cocaine; PCP
White stuff - heroin
White sugar - crack
White tornado - crack
Whiteout - isobutyl nitrite
Whites - amphetamine
Whiz bang - cocaine and heroin
Wiggin - needing some drugs
Wild cat - methcathinone and cocaine
Window glass - LSD
Window pane - LSD
Wings - heroin; cocaine
Winstrol - oral steroid
Winstrol V - veterinary steroid
Witch - heroin; cocaine
Witch hazel - heroin
Wizzard - ounce of marijuana
Wizzard of oz - ounce of marijuana
Wobble weed - PCP
Wolf - PCP
Wollie - rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette
Wonder star - methcathinone
Wooer - a joint
Woolah - a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack
Woolas - cigarette laced with cocaine; marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Woolies - marijuana amd crack or PCP
Wooly - cocaine & marijuana cigarette
Wooly blunts - Marijuana and crack or PCP
Wooz - marijuana
Working - selling crack
Working half - crack rock weighing half gram or more
Works - equipment for injecting drugs
Worm - PCP
Wuwoo - marijuana & cocaine
Wrecking crew - crack

X - marijuana; MDMA; amphetamine
X-ing - MDMA

Yahoo/yeaho - crack
Yale - crack
Yeh - marijuana
Yellow - LSD; depressant
Yellow bam - methamphetamine
Yellow bullets - depressant
Yellow dimples - LSD
Yellow fever - PCP
Yellow jackets - depressant
Yellow submarine - marijuana
Yellow sunshine - LSD
Yen pop - marijuana
Yen Shee Suey - opium wine
Yen sleep - restless, drowsy state after LSD use
Yerba - marijuana
Yerba mala - PCP and marijuana
Yesca - marijuana
Yesco - marijuana
Yeyo - cocaine, Spanish term
Yimyom - crack
Ying - marijuana
Yuppie Flu - the ongoing effects of a cocaine-snorting

Z - 1 ounce of heroin
Zacatecas purple - marijuana from Mexico
Zambi - marijuana
Zen - LSD
Zero - opium
Zig Zag man - LSD; marijuana; marijuana rolling papers
Zip - cocaine
Zips - oz of any type drug
Zol - marijuana cigarette
Zombie - PCP; heavy user of drugs
Zombie weed - PCP
Zoinked - intoxicated on drugs to the point of uselessness
Zooie - holds butt of marijuana cigarette
Zoom - PCP; marijuana laced with PCP
Zoomers - individuals who sell fake crack and then flee

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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:13 pm

Handy, thanks. Source?
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:46 pm

I came across it on the net somewhere. I'll have to look at my history.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:46 am

it seems whenever you hear some funny name for something shifty it's a drug.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:48 am

Long list.
Would it be useful to carry this list with you when out in the field? If so, it could be included in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], so you could view it from your cellphone. Just a thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:02 am

Maybe, I guess I never thought of it
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:02 am

Honestly, it's probably better to have a general familiarity with these terms than to have them stored some place you have to access and check on when a suspected drug user/dealer/whatever says a strange word...

...also this list while good could never be comprehensive, these nicknames change over time, location, and with specific variations/brands/origins of the substance in question.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:58 am

Nemesis wrote:
Honestly, it's probably better to have a general familiarity with these terms than to have them stored some place you have to access and check on when a suspected drug user/dealer/whatever says a strange word...


Any kind of look-up tool, is usually only used in cases where you can't remember a specific word or phrase. And no doubt, if you had the ability, remembering all in your head would be the most efficient way to go. I doubt anyone here has such abilities though. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:04 pm

I heard a new one that you haven't covered yet. It's called spice. Still trying to figure out what it is. I'm guessing cocaine or heroine.
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Jack Shadow


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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:06 pm

Wikipedia it. Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that is pretty hard to drug test for. Been a problem where I work for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:08 pm

You don't even have 420 on your list. This list needs to be updated and revised. We should have another list for street terms and slangs.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:31 pm

Like I said, while interesting, even if you could create a comprehensive list, it isn't ideal, because a hero from London shouldn't really care what they call heroin in Smallville, Kansas. Best thing is to be familiar with general terms, and specific local brands/nicknames. It's a language, and the more proficient you are, the easier you will be on the uptake. It's not like you have translations to do, but you'll pick up on warning signals you might pass by, although context clues alone should probably help you in most cases.

.C., I disagree entirely. Your vocabulary is far bigger, and there are many fields or subjects when you'd have to commit as much or more to memory. Am I particularly interested in memorizing this? Not so much. But could I, without superhuman memory? Yeah, if I cared to, and I'm sure you could as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:33 pm

Many names missed,

Slang words for drugs is not something that can ideally put in a list.

The names are ever changing, evolving developing,

Like the drugs.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:28 pm

Yeah it is just a quick reference. It is far from complete. Although it can come in handy if you hear something in a conversation.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:49 am

Nemesis wrote:
Like I said, while interesting, even if you could create a comprehensive list, it isn't ideal, because a hero from London shouldn't really care what they call heroin in Smallville, Kansas.
The list could easily be divided into areas. And if you don't want to look at the words from other areas than your own, you don't have to.

Lionheart wrote:
Slang words for drugs is not something that can ideally put in a list. The names are ever changing, evolving developing, Like the drugs.
A list can change also. Wink

Nemesis wrote:
.C., I disagree entirely. Your vocabulary is far bigger, and there are many fields or subjects when you'd have to commit as much or more to memory. Am I particularly interested in memorizing this? Not so much. But could I, without superhuman memory? Yeah, if I cared to, and I'm sure you could as well.
Then you're giving me too much credit. There's no way I can remember the meaning of 1000 words/phrases, like the above list contains.
Yes, general terms and specific local brands/nicknames would probably produce a shorter list, but I'd still like to carry a look-up utility for the situations where I stumbled over a word I can't remember. Like Justice says, it's just a quick reference that can come in handy when you hear something in a conversation.

Anyway, it's not my place to discuss really since I'll never be using such a list myself. I'm just a supporter, that happens to have the skills to create such a look-up util if anyone would find it useful. (God knows I have lots of other projects to spend my time on, so I'm not pushing this one any more now. Wink )
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:31 am

A list can always change, but this one may always be out of date.

I'm not saying its a bad idea, but I wouldn't rely on it for trying to hold a conversation with a dealer etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossary of drug related terms   

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Glossary of drug related terms
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