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 Handling Blizzards and the aftermath

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PostSubject: Handling Blizzards and the aftermath   Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:14 pm

I was shocked to turn on the news this morning to find that NYC and other places were hit really hard over the weekend by powerful blizzards

I wish I could make it down to the effected areas and help out but the sad reality is I cant

so Ill do it on here

In the event of an incomming blizzard you should stay inside Even up here where there arent any trees we still have powerlines that fall down

also Ive seen winds that have picked up cars and trucks as well as torn the roofs from houses and in 95 was very lucky not to have been crushed when the roof of a nearby building was torn loose like someone ripping a comic book and blown towards me

Make sure you have plentty of food drinks and a portable heater with you

If you have to go out in the car that 5 minute trip to the store can easlily become a 2 hour trip or the trip to enternity if you are not dressed for it

2 years ago I was out digging people who were stuck in their cars on the ring road area I got most of them out but one guy drove home and then died after he parked in the driveway because he was too cold CArry a cellphone with you at all times if you have to go out and KEEP IT CHARGED you will never know when or if you have to call for help and you will never know how long it can take for the help to arrive

If you do get stuck Try to conserve your heat as much as possible Keep yourself warm by dressing for the storm in case you have to abandon your car

You can always buy a new car you cant buy a new life

If you can avoid bringing the kids out with you have them stay home or wherever they are

Keep a portable battery operated radio on to listen to the forcast

I have 3 flashlights that charge when you turn the crank The largest one has the radio in it and automaticly scans for the forcast channel on my fm station

I also have the flashlight on my snowshovel helmet It can be detatched and carried but is a battery powered light

I also have a mask that is like the one Thanatos has except without the green skull on the face

It is worn under my regular mask and offers eye protection from the bits of flying snow pellets

I also have a lower mask that covers my mouth and nose to protect from the winds and against the worst enemy FROSTBITE

Frostbite is very painful a condition caused to the ears nose fingers toes and genitles in extreme cold tempretures

The first degree is called Frostnip It only effects the skin area which is frozen making the area itchy and painful then the skin becomes yellow white and red as you grow numb The damage is not permanently damaged as only the skin's top layers are effected

If freezing continues the skin may freeze and harden but the deep tissues remain soft and normal Second degree frostnip means you get the blisters Skin also may also become hard and blacken but things look worse than they actually are Most of the injuries will heal in one month or so but the area may become insensitive to both heat and cold

3rd and 4th degree frostbite occurrs if the freezing continues this is when the other tissues under you skin begin to freeze as well Nerve damage can result in the loss of feeling This extreme frostbite can result in the loss of fingers toes ears nose and genitles if the area becomes effected with gangrene



Treatment on frostbite centers on thawing or rewarming of the effected tissue

Excessive movement can cause the ice crystals that have formed in the effective areas to do further damage so Wrap the victim in a warm blanket Remove the clothes and prevent him from moving as much as possible by splinting the effected area DO NOT RUB MASSAGE SHAKE OR USE FORCE ON THE PERSON ypu will risk causing more harm to him If you can get him to a warmer room then do so this is passive rewarming Turn the heat up very slowly Caution should be effected to prevent warming too quickly until you know for sure that you can prevent the victim from refreezing again

Active rewarming is the direct heat to a person without burnning him

you can draw a warm bath for the person This is desirable because the faster the tissue is thawed the less damage will occur however it can increase the damage to the body's core by causing the victim to freeze even more

Causes of frostbite:

The main cause of frostbite in winter is wet clothes Inadequate clothing clothes that are too tight on the skin cutting off circulation inparts of clothes including your boots Fatigue is another cause so is smoking drinking diseases like diebetes certain meds and cramped positions
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Handling Blizzards and the aftermath
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