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 Call to Arms

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PostSubject: Re: Call to Arms   Call to Arms - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:06 pm

Monday & Tuesday I'm free until 6:30pm-9:30pm est then I'm free again up until midnight 
Wednesday-Sunday I'm free anytime after 5pm est
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PostSubject: Re: Call to Arms   Call to Arms - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:39 pm

Superman wrote:
Well 204 as you are reforming you'll be welcomed as long as you stay reformed. It's off subject but I would suggest choosing a different name for your self as 204 has so many negative associations. Maybe Perry White as  a temp name till you decide on 1 for your persona. If you think about it you'll know why I suggest it. Anyone else who gets why will have to know you and have a working knowledge of Super Hero Trivia. Mean time the rest should reply with days and times they could attend.


Thanks. I'm still in the process of reforming.

I can understand that 204 has negative associations with it, but I think I'd like to hang onto it. The only other name that felt as fitting as 204 was "Diaperman" lol. ....Long story. But yeah; I don't know if the world really needs a Diaperman lol. Though he did spread a lot more laughs and smiles than 204 ever could lol.

....But I know for a fact that right now, there's countless children being held prisoner against their will; they didn't do anything wrong; there is no trial, there is no due process, there is no accountability and no justice. There's kids right now that are planning on committing suicide tomorrow; just to escape the monsters who are torturing them. ....They need 204, because nobody else is coming to save them, because nobody cares. ....They need 204. Even if I wanted to hang up the mask, I don't think I could. I have an obligation to carry this mantle for all the others who didn't survive. Deep down...I'll always be 204. I've stopped trying to hide from that; stopped trying to outrun destiny. 

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Call to Arms
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