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 Hero Man's Training Log

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PostSubject: Hero Man's Training Log   Hero Man's Training Log Icon_minitime1Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:29 pm

I went to training last Tuesday with the VFD. We were going out to Fort Greely this time; I'd forgotten my ID but wasn't too worried, the guards at the checkpoint almost always wave the fire trucks right through without even asking for identification, lol, I still crack up at the rumor I heard that the missile defense base is "the most secure military base in the country". XD I forget who told me that but I sincerely doubt it, and if it's true, that's kinda scary lol. 

I finally got a copy of the ERG2008 (Emergency Response Guidebook) It's a manual for use by first responders to Hazmat Incidents, there's a procedure I have to learn (already memorized it, still practicing) to identify a potentially hazardous material and then find out what I have to do to about it and public safety/evacuation concerns. The material ID number is a three digit number designating a particular substance, then next to that is the guide number, turn to that and there's a guide on everything you have to worry about in a two page format. Scary crap out there.

I'm currently keeping it with me when I go to town to help learn the shipping containers and memorize placards and numbers on the side so I can practice using the guide whenever I see a tanker or rail car or container that contains a hazardous material; get to know what all is passing right by me on the highway lol.

Today is the second sunny day in a row; it's been the wettest June in nearly a 100 years, so not much wildland fire work to be had. Balderston told me to report to base after a few days of sunshine, wait for things to dry up. I'm hopeful. I've decided to confront Balderston about his facade. I don't like being manipulated, and I'm going to very politely let him know that I can respect him being honest and upfront with me, which according to all the evidence, he hasn't been. I may lose my job with them, but Ive decided that's a moot point; they already had o intention of hiring me back on according to my sources, mighty strange that the head honcho suddenly wants to be my new best friend at the end of the season. Hopefully this has all just been a product of the Rumor Mill in my town, we got a big one. If so, I have a feeling things will be cleared up without issue. I'd like to think that he has an idea of who I am in the time we patroled together.

Another aspect of training I'm getting into is diet; I'm malnourished according to my doctor. Lost a lot of weight. I found a book called "Eat Right 4 Your Type: 4 blood types, 4 Diets" apparently yor blood type is crucial to what you put into your body, fascinating read, the author goes into the history of it, and mankind itself through the ages, the geneology of the humnan race, and how he made a breakthrough continuing his father's work; coolest diet book ever lol. XD

But, I didn't know what mny blood type was, I think I'm O+ but I can't be sure. Well, I can be soon because I asked mny doctor to type me despite my fear of needles it was a tough one this time, I tensed just as the needle was going in and it missed my vein, it was kinda funny because the nurse went "Ahh! Dontmovedontmove! ....It's really, not good if you move." XD She got it in the next time. So yeah, I should know what my bloodtype is soon. I'd take a wildfire over a needle any day lol.

I hate medications, needles, antiseptic smells, hospitals, clinics; they just all freak me out but I want start making some changes and I need their help. Oh, the neurology results from the lab came back too; my brain looked pretty normal except for muscle tension, which, lol, I was hooked up to a computer so yeah, I was tense, last time my brain was hooked up to a computer was years ago and it was unpleasant, so I was a little tense. But yeah, results were pretty much perfect so that's a little weight off; believe it or not I actually do question my sanity quite a bit, I'm scared of going crazy.

Basically just been scanning my body and brain and working on each aspect little by little. I want to know myself inside and out.
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PostSubject: Re: Hero Man's Training Log   Hero Man's Training Log Icon_minitime1Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:24 pm

I was right the first time; I am indeed O+ (lab results just came in today). So I can start the Diet Book now (Eat Right 4 Your Type: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets)

This is good news for me, I was strongly hoping that I was oh positive, it means I'm a universal donor, and every blood donation goes towards the saving of three lives.

In the book are a lot of fascinating material on blood and how your blood type determines what you should eat, in addition to what your personality is (or will be, if you happen to be an infant and haven't had much time to develop a personality lol).

Type O+ Personality Profile is as follows, they're "The Hunters"

Every person with Type O blood carries a genetic memory of strength, endurance, self-reliance, daring, intuition, and an innate optimism (I still have my moments of optimism and naivety, but unfortunately a good portion of it has been beaten out of me over the years).

The original Type Os were the epitome of focus, drive, and a strong sense of self preservation. They believed in themselves. It's a good thing too, or we might not be here.

If you are a Type O, you may be able to appreciate this inheritance because the things that make you healthy, inspire you, and energize you are very similar to what influenced your ancestors. You're hardy and strong, fueled by a high protein diet. You respond best to heavy physical exercise--in fact, you become depressed, despondent, and overweight when you are deprived of it.

Perhaps you have also inherited the drive to succeed and the leadership qaulities of Type Os--strong, certain and powerful--blushing with good health and optimism.

Former president Ronald Reagan was a Type O who fits the mold quite well. His administration was characterized by a surety, evenness, and an unflagging optimism about the future. You never felt that Reagan suffered much in the way of self-doubt. He forged ahead, for good or ill. He was also a risk taker, as is the way of Type Os. People used to call him "The Teflon President" because he was never felled by the risks he took.

Of course, Reagan didn't exhibit (at least publicly) the sharp, uncompromising, almost brutish style of some leaders. For example, it's not terribly surprising that some famous mafiosos have been Type Os. Al Capone was a Type O. Now there's an example of leadership taken to the extreme.

And speaking of risk takers, the penultimate gambler, Jimmy the Greek, was Type O. So is former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev--one of the greatest risk takers of modern times.

Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is a Type O, as is her son Charles, the Prince of Wales.

Type O Diet Profile

Meat Eater
Hardy Digestive Tract
Overactive Immne System
Intolerant to Dietary and Environmental Adaptations
Responds Best to Stress with Intense Physical Activity
Requires and Efficient Metabolism to Stay Lean and Energetic
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Hero Man's Training Log
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