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 The here and the now, and the future.

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PostSubject: The here and the now, and the future.   Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:47 am

I have always struggled with, and still struggle with, the decision to act now or wait.

I have patrolled before and stopped petty criminals, and I have actually reconned a local gang, and gotten maybe a kilo of heroin off the streets, but it doesn't feel like I am making a dent. I have always planned on something bigger. Not just for myself, but for anyone taking up the duties we have given ourselves.

There is an opportunity for me right now. A real opportunity to make real money. Possibly seven figures.

I shit you not.

Nothing is certain, but all you guys need to know (for the purposes of the question I'm about to pose) is that it is 50/50.

I am fairly certain that this will work out in my favor, and if it does. The money will be put into things. Things that will guarantee its growth.
Aside from being set for the rest of my life (I'm in my twenties) I will have time.

Time to train my body and mind, and build on the foundation I already have grounded.

I can better my already honed skills. Which, not to blow smoke up your asses, are pretty extensive.

I can fight. I will leave it at that.
I already drive/race better than most people I know. (including some police friends that Roll CODE 03 on a daily)
I already have a superior understanding of the law, and technology. (majored in Criminal Justice, and tech is my special brain child)
Hacking? Sure.
Using street/city cameras to my benefit? You bet.
Don't get me started on my ability to scale/get down from virtually any building. FAST. (parkour since I was in HS) before it was cool.

Anyways I'm not trying to brag. My point is. For my age, with the likely resources soon to be in my possession, I'm in a really good spot right now.

Imagine if I had access to better tech, gear, etc. 

More time on my hands...

I'm excited. 

Except the money comes with commitment. a commitment that stays my plans for a few years. I might not be FULLY AND IMPECCABLY active until I am 30.
Which bothers me.

Because right now I can do something. I can still make a difference, I just know that if these plans work. Nothing will stop me. Some of you mods may just need to meet me before you can understand what exactly I am capable of, particularly Gauge. (I have read most of your posts and to say that I'm impressed would be a very weak understatement) I just don't want to seem 204ish. That's why I am so ready for a meet with UA. He will vouch for me after a little chit chat. I should probably ask him soon as he is not far from my location. 


I may be going dark for the time being.

I still value this forum and everyone's input.

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PostSubject: Re: The here and the now, and the future.   Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:44 am

Sounds like an exciting opportunity, and I hope it goes as planned. One thing I will advise is that you not let finances dictate your actions. To some degree, it will affect the way you accomplish your goals, but it shouldn't limit your ambition. A primary concern is that, as you are reaching your physical peak, you want to gain as much experience as you can. This experience will compensate for the physical dropoff you will experience between 27-30 or so. It's different time for everyone, but it is inevitable. Now in my mid-forties, I can still rival 25 year olds in the field, because I have developed strategies for doing exactly that. Waiting to start until you're 30 will be a disadvantage, but training can overcome the late start to an extent. The best outcome in your situation may be to start small and do what you can to gain experience which will be of help later on. Stay physically active and gradually increase your level of activity over the next few years.
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PostSubject: Re: The here and the now, and the future.   Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:54 pm

Thank you Gauge. I appreciate the advice.
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Blue Stranger

Blue Stranger

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PostSubject: Re: The here and the now, and the future.   Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:03 pm

You already have an impressive skillset. You say your main concern about this opportunity is that it will keep you too busy for much hero work for the next few years. But it will free you up afterward.

Seven figures sounds impressive, but in the end money must be measured in terms of what it will do for you, in its value as a resource. What specifically can you do after you get that money that you couldn't do before? The answers to that question are what you weigh against the time you lose, and what you would otherwise be doing with it, if you take this opportunity.

Everything is about opportunity cost--whenever we choose to get one thing we are giving something else up. I don't know what I would do in your place. I can only suggest that you try to think about both roads in clear, concrete terms and decide which is worth more to you.

Or you could just flip a coin. It works. Because once the coin is in the air you realize what you're hoping the result will be.
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PostSubject: Re: The here and the now, and the future.   

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The here and the now, and the future.
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