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 Taking Advice on Forums, and other places

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Silver Sentinel

Silver Sentinel

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PostSubject: Taking Advice on Forums, and other places   Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:09 pm

Unless you have access to a physically available, and accredited, instructor/school, don't take advice you encounter on any online forum at face value for training. There are thousands of people that have read books and watched videos, maybe even taken a few actual classes, and believe themselves to be qualified to give advice or pass themselves off as experts. Not only isn't this ridiculously untrue, but it is potentially dangerous to their [victims] "students".

Many RLSH want to help others and to be seen as great benefactors to the community, but more often than not their advice is not based on practical knowledge and application. A lot of it sounds nice, but just isn't realistic or feasible. Think of it as someone giving you great advice for building your biceps, but leaves out all the other muscles in your arms. Your biceps begin to shape up nice, but the rest of your arms are unbalanced and poorly formed, leading to some very painful problems.

In RLSH work, having poor, partial, or incorrect information can get you into hot water. In some cases it has lead to physical confrontations, some nasty hero beat downs, and heroes getting arrested.

If someone says they're in instructor, then they'll be able to show you proof. No proof, then don't give them the time of day. Avoid know-it-alls and big-men-on-campus. Don't eat candy posts and ignore meat and potatoes posts that are actually beneficial for you. This isn't a fantasy gaming network, we're not role-players or LARPers. We're actual volunteers, and community activists. Leave the fantasy in the comic books and movies.

About: Silver Sentinel is a security professional, licensed through the State of New York, and has received training in PPCT, Defensive Tactics, First Aid, I.C. Response, Haz-Mat Responder, Search & Rescue, MERT, CERT, Counter-Terrorism (not as fancy or cool as it sounds), and other skills through his job and activities as a community volunteer.
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PostSubject: Re: Taking Advice on Forums, and other places   Sat Sep 24, 2016 6:48 pm



It was direct, focused, and to the point. Much respect is given!!!

-Omen, "Heroes aren't made during good times." - The Elite Forces Division
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PostSubject: Re: Taking Advice on Forums, and other places   Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:09 am

Good stuff indeed. Sometimes advice isn't even advice. 

Nice to see you, too; glad some of the RLSH Founding Fathers/Veterans are still sticking around for the new generation. Anyone know if Knight-Hood is still kicking? Haven't heard from him in over a year or two. Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Taking Advice on Forums, and other places   

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Taking Advice on Forums, and other places
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